Felicia Day’s ‘Guild’ joins a real MMO

felicia days guild joins a real mmo the cast cosplay day

In Felicia Day’s uber-popular web series The Guild, which recently completed its sixth and final season, she and her friends are members of a guild that exists within a fictional MMORPG. The six stars of the the show are all represented digitally by common RPG-type characters, ranging from rangers to warlocks to rogues – that each reflect their own personalities while exemplifying the genre. Now, those fictional in-game characters will appear in an actual MMORPG. There’s a joke about life imitating art here, but the meta-nature of the deal makes it difficult to follow.

5th Planet, makers of the free-to-play MMORPG Dawn of Dragons, have teamed up with Day and the actors in The Guild. From now throughout the remainder of the year, the digital avatars that the fictional characters play in their game, will appear as a “premium Troop” or a General with their own special powers, that are available for purchase in the game’s bazaar. Each of the six characters – Bladezz, Clara, Tinkerballa, Vork, Zaboo, and Day’s character of Codex – will appear one at a time for the rest of the year. Each character will also bring with them a special event, including world raids or a new zone. The character of Tinkerballa is available now, and next up will be Zaboo.

“I’m a big fan of 5th Planet’s games, and we are all very pleased to bring our characters to such a engaging and unique game as Dawn of the Dragons,” Day said. “The 5 Planet team was fun to work with and brought a lot of passion to the project. They’ve gone to great lengths to remain loyal to the tone of the show and the characters. It’s easy to see why their games have been so successful to date.”

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