FEZ certified and ready for release

fez certified and ready for release

After nearly five years, Phil Fish and Polytron’s FEZ is finally finished. The charming pixel-graphics game that mixes two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspectives is officially certified according to Polytron’s Twitter feed. Once Microsoft certifies a game for release on the Xbox Live Arcade, it’s typically released within a few weeks, meaning that FEZ will finally be available in the immediate future.

FEZ’s development has been tumultuous to say the least. After creator Fish announced the game in July 2007, it was expected out in 2008 but was continuously pushed back as Fish and others worked to perfect its unusual blend of perspective warping exploration. Along the way the game and Fish became subjects of Indie Game: The Movie. Even as it was delayed, the game continued to be impressed, winning awards from the Independent Games Festival in 2008 and taking the Seamus McNally Grand Prize in 2012.

Fish declined Digital Trends’ request for an interview. “The game is almost out now and I want to let it speak for itself,” said Fish.