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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Best weapon builds for Barret Wallace

Final Fantasy VII Remake is all about team building, and no team would be complete without a proper tank. Barret Wallace holds the team down by not only being an amazing tank but also managing fighting at range. This allows Barret to shoot enemies in high-up or far-away spots that other characters cannot reach.

In order to use Barret’s abilities, players will need to upgrade Barret’s weapons to fulfill gaps in a player’s team. Where Aerith is a healer or Cloud and Tifa are more melee-focused, Barret’s weapons and armor should set him up to rush into battle without fear of dying immediately.

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Weapon builds

Upgrading Barret can be a little tricky. It can be difficult to see what Materia and upgrades would be best suited for his weapons. Barret’s weapons also allow him to shift from primary tank to fulfilling different roles within the party. This is a basic outline of which upgrades and Materia are best suited for each weapon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret
Square Enix

Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun is the weapon Barret starts out with. This weapon, like all other starters, is his most balanced weapon and holds a wide range of basic upgrades. This gun will also help Barret branch out past being just a tank depending on what Materia players pair with him.

This weapon’s primary ability, Focused Shot, is an attack that significantly increases stagger in enemies and can shoot terror into the hearts of enemies. Focused Shot consumes all of Barret’s ATB charge to unleash a burst of concentrated energy at an enemy.

The best Materia for Barret’s starter weapon is an element Materia, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning. Additionally, giving Barret HP Up or Steadfast Block will increase his chances of survival as he rushes into battle.

Light Machine Gun

Players will receive the Light Machine Gun at the end of chapter six. The weapon is automatically equipped when playing the story, so there is no need to search for this weapon. The Light Machine Gun comes with an ability that is a little different from previous characters. This weapon allows Barret to take damage that was intended for other party members. Because of his larger HP bar, Barret is able to sacrifice his health in the name of his team.

The Light Machine Gun makes Barret more of a support role than just a tank. The weapon comes with a number of magic upgrades that help Barret use more spells than the Gatling Gun did. However, the Light Machine Gun does have a fairly strong physical attack power. This weapon will help Barret become a well-rounded fighter on the team.

As previously mentioned, Barret is an amazing tank. And because this weapon lets Barret take damage for a team member, it’s important to give Barret Materia such as HP Up or MP Up to ensure he is protected. Additionally, since Barret is now more capable of holding magic, Heal, Revive, and Barrier Materia are also essential in ensuring he lives through a battle. And, of course, element Materia never hurts.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha can be found during chapter 13. Upon returning to Sector 7, players can stop at the Weapon Store in the Slums and buy Big Bertha for 2,500 gil. This weapon comes with the proficiency of Maximum Fury. This attack consumes all of Barret’s ATB charge but fires a long stream of bullets at an enemy.

Unlike previous weapons, Big Bertha is all about having as much HP as humanly possible. This weapon lets Barret have multiple different stat boosts if he can hold on to most of his health during a battle. Big Bertha reinforces Barret as being the party’s primary tank while dealing out big-time damage against enemies.

To keep Barret alive while this gun is equipped, be sure to give Barret the Chakra and HP Up Materia. This will help keep Barret’s health from dropping too low. Additionally, giving Barret Steadfast Block can help lessen damage coming his way. Since Big Bertha has so many HP-based boosts, ensuring Barret has a great way to block will ensure victory!

Steel Pincers

The Steel Pincers are sold at the Moogle Emporium in the Sector 5 Slums. Players will run into this weapon during chapter 14, and the weapon costs 7 Moogle Medals to purchase. This weapon comes with the Charing Uppercut ability. This attack allows Barret to rush toward an enemy and launch them into the air with one furious blow. This attack also increases Barret’s charge.

Although it sounds odd, the Steel Pincers actually turn Barret into a melee attacker and offensive magic-user. This helps shift Barret from tank to primary mage. Surprisingly, the Steel Pincers lets Barret deal big damage both physically and magically, something that is not entirely common with characters who tend to be primary tanks.

In order to increase the amount of damage done to enemies, Barret should equip element Materia. To keep Barret as a mage-style player, equipping the MP Up and Magic Up Materia can keep Barret’s magic boosted. Additionally, Healing and HP Absorption can increase Barret’s overall HP and keep the team alive.

Wrecking Ball

Compared to other weapons, the Wrecking Ball is an easily missed weapon. While playing chapter 14, players should make a quick stop and complete the side quest entitled “Subterranean Menace” in Sector 6 Slums. This weapon comes with the ability Smackdown. This attack allows Barret to strike the ground and send nearby enemies flying into the air.

The Wrecking Ball turns Barret into a melee character with no magic boosts. The weapon is all about dealing heavy physical damage and has a number of attack-boosting upgrades. This weapon’s abilities mean that Barret will be up close with enemies constantly.

Because of Barret’s close contact with enemies, ensuring that Materia such as Chakra and HP Up are equipped is beneficial to his character. Additionally, ATB Stagger and Steadfast Block will help Barret stay alive and ensure that as much damage is done to enemies as possible.

EKG Cannon

The EKG Cannon is available to players in chapter 16. Players can purchase this weapon from Hart in Sector 0 for 10,000 gil. While in the Shinra Building, in the 62F Upper-Level Corporate Archives, players will find Hart in the Mayor’s office. This weapon comes with the Point Blank ability. This ability consumes all of Barret’s ATB charge but delivers a close-range attack and can send all enemies in the area flying.

This weapon is the best option if players want Barret to use magic but also want to keep him a range fighter. A number of heavy magic upgrades and critical hit enhancements make this weapon an amazing offensive option. Although this weapon keeps Barret from being a super tank, it does have high magic. This means that Barret can equip healing magic to keep the team healed up when necessary.

For a weapon that holds so much magic, of course this weapon would be suited to have MP Up. Additionally, giving Barret a little luck with the Luck Up Materia can prove to be helpful in a pinch. HP Absorption and Healing Materia will keep Barret and his team alive as well. Additionally, since the EKG Cannon is great for offensive attacks, giving him Fire, Ice, or Lightning Materia will make the most of the EKG Cannon’s high magic capabilities.

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