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Cloud will look quite different next time we see ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

final fantasy vii remake cloud redesign 7
We still have no idea when to expect Final Fantasy VII Remake, but the next time we see it in action, lead protagonist Cloud Strife will reportedly look quite different than before (via Gematsu).

Square Enix showed four never-before-seen screenshots of the upcoming game at Final Fantasy’s “Farewell Stories” exhibition in Tokyo, an ongoing event celebrating 30 years of the iconic RPG franchise. The four screenshots contradicted previous gameplay footage and concept art of Cloud and other characters.

Game director Naoki Hamaguchi said that the redesigns were implemented after the game’s original director and designer Tetsuya Nomura gave the go-ahead. Apparently, the new Cloud design was seen as the most representative of the character, according to Nomura.

Sadly, the screenshots were only shown to those in attendance. They haven’t leaked online, and Square Enix isn’t expected to show them off to the public anytime soon.

Basically, we only have Twitter reactions to go off of here. But those at the exhibition said that Cloud is handsome, but has an “immaturity suitable for his age. Three other characters — Brigs, Wege, and Jessie — have apparently had their looks modified, too, although perhaps not as extensively as Cloud. Briggs was described as “super handsome, Jessie was said to be cute, and Wege was “refreshingly chubby.” Incredibly vague? Yes, but this is arguably the most exciting info to come out about Final Fantasy VII Remake in a while.

Square Enix created a frenzy when it revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2015. So far, we know it will be released across multiple episodes and is expected to arrive on PlayStation 4 first, with a release on other platforms possible at a later date. From what little footage we have seen, we can tell that one, the game looks stunning, and two, its gameplay might adhere closer to that of recent entries in the series like Final Fantasy XV. But it’s hard to really say until we get a more in-depth look at the game.

Since its reveal, Square Enix has released new screenshots and provided vague game updates here and there, but much of the game, and now that includes Cloud’s appearance, remains shrouded in mystery.

At the very least, Hamaguchi told fans that development was going well.

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