Final Fantasy XIII Ups PlayStation Sales in One Week

final_fantasy_xiiiPlayStation 3 had a banner weekend—until last week, no PS3 game had sold a million copies in Japan until Final Fantasy XIII did all in one day. Final Fantasy XIII sold 1.5 million copies after just four days of shelf life. This edition of Final Fantasy also drove up console sales as well, giving Sony a little something to smile about. According to the Business Insider, Sony sold 245,406 PS3 consoles in Japan just last week—striking another record.

Sad but true—recently the PlayStation has been a big money loser for Sony, but the company remains confident in its “gamer-appeal” for 2010. The launch of games like Final Fantasy XIII was an important kick-off of this New Year plan. Sony says it is looking to widen the console’s appeal by adding new features to it such as movie streaming and rentals, software updates to provide 3D content for Blu-ray, and other expanded content.