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History unfolds in this Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Amaurot dungeon guide

Congratulations on reaching what could be Final Fantasy XIV‘s best dungeon yet. After the ups and downs of your adventure, Emet-Selch has decided to physically show you what he’s fighting for and what he is trying to undo.

Practically throwing you back in time with his fancy creation magicks, you’ll bear witness to the calamity that befell Amaurot, the ancient city of his people. In this FFXIV: Shadowbringers Amaurot dungeon guide, we’ll see you through what came before.

The First Beast

Like something out of Bloodborne, The First Beast is a truly horrific monstrosity. Its gaping maw and piercing white eyes could haunt your dreams with ease. And it’s about to haunt you right now.

Venomous Breath is a conal AOE, but nothing the team won’t dodge by tanking it the normal way. Each Meteor Rain should be placed on the same side of the arena to limit the proximity-based impact zone. Run to the opposite side when the marker disappears from your head and avoid any Falling Sky markers which pop up along the way. Then line-of-sight the boss by getting behind one of the newly fallen rocks to avoid The Final Sky and prepare to run again to avoid the falling buildings. You’ll see a text prompt for this.

From there, it’s pretty much a cycle. Just expect non-stop Falling Sky barrages from here on out. You might have to eat one during The Final Sky to avoid being caught without a rock. So long as you haven’t taken one beforehand, it shouldn’t be life-threatening.

Terminus Bellwether

Here you’ll notice the beast’s HP drop rapidly. But don’t go expecting a short fight. At 50%, Terminus Bellwether hits the team with Shrill Shriek and exits the arena. In its place comes waves of monsters for you to dispatch. Focus the Detonators tether to the DPS – healers will need to heal through the Self-Destructs as they die. In the second set, focus your attention on the Roiler before its Healing Magic Down debuff causes problems. Burst down the final wave, and Terminus Bellwether will swoop back down.

From here, it’s nothing but a DPS race. Burn it before it can finish casting Burst and you’ll walk away victorious. After taking a weakened Burst, anyway. Make sure you’re topped off before this. 50k+ damage is enough to shave off about 80% of your HP.


This is one of the most claustrophobic fights yet. Therion is all about the laser show. Shadow Wreck is your raid-wide AoE, but expect basically every attack to hit more than one player regardless.

The casting of Apokalypsis is your cue to run onto one of the tiny platforms on either edge of the arena – avoid any glowing ones, as these will break during the cast. Be careful not to fall, and stay until the laser cannon stops. You’ll want to back up further down the arena to avoid taking too much damage during Therion Charge. With each cast, the boss will walk closer to you, slowly shrinking the available space.

Then comes Deathly Ray – a series of lasers from the faces which spawn on the left and right. Only one side will fire at a time, but there’s no easy way of knowing which will go first. Just get out fast if you’re caught, and be ready to move back to avoid the next. Soon after, Deathly Ray will fire across the length of the arena in a similar fashion. At this point, you’ve seen about all there is to see. Just learn to make do with the increasingly sparse arena and finish it off.

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