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Raid the ruins of the Qitana Ravel with this FFXIV: Shadowbringers dungeon guide

After a frankly ludicrous amount of ancient puzzles and pyramids in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the doors to Rak’Tika Greatwood’s Qitana Ravel will finally open. Here, even trash mobs throw a few neat tricks at you. Look for their glowing eyes and hide behind whichever side of the available rubble will block the lasers raring to chop you up.

Like the rest of our Shadowbringers dungeon guides, we’ll be focusing solely on the boss battles you’re about to face. Save for those odd trash pulls with the lasers mentioned above, stray mobs shouldn’t pose a real threat.


Like a mixture of a cyclops and Catoblepas, Lozatl hits wide and fast. It’s one of the most overwhelming first bosses we’ve come across yet. Stonefist and Lozatl’s Scorn are your tank buster and raid-wide AOEs to watch out for.

After this initial combo, a notice saying a statue begins “emitting an eerie glow”. That’s your cue to look at which of the two statues at the end of the area is glowing. Get to the opposite side. They’ll strike that 180-degree portion of the area soon after.

With that done, Lozatl will add the most dangerous attack into the mix. Signified by him casting Heat Up. With this, one side of him will begin to glow and he’ll turn to face a certain direction before slamming that fist into the ground for another 180-degree AOE. It will partially (or fully) overlap with the zone a statue is about to strike, making a small section safe. You’ll have to watch carefully to work out which. It’s a matter of repetition at that point. Just stay alert.


There’s nothing too fancy here once you get passed its hilarious name. Batsquach is another fight full of AOE hits for your healer to watch out for. One of which (Subsonic) will rapidly chip away at the team’s HP similar to Titan’s stomps back in A Realm Reborn. Ripper Fang is your tank buster and Sound Wave is the raid-wide AOE.

Batsquatch’s main mechanic comes during Subsonic. The tremors cause columns of rock to fall on the area. Avoid having them impale you here. With another cast of Soundwave, these will tilt and fall onto the area. It’s difficult to gauge where they’ll land, but just try to get as far away from the set as you can.


The big bad of the Qitana Ravel and your main reason for coming, Eros is a heck of a battle. But you might have guessed that from the size of the arena. Rend is your tank buster and Glossalia is your AOE.

There’s just a lot going on here. Stack markers, tethers demanding a target run away, and a Confession of Faith combo in which targeted party members will want to run off to the side to avoid getting roasted by a conal breath of fire.

Though they’re all pretty rough, Eros’ Inhale combo is the one to watch for. With it, Eros drops poison puddles across the map, pulls you all in, and shoots you across the area. You need to position yourself to avoid the puddles when you get knocked back. On subsequent uses of this, the tank will have their own puddle to strategically drop in a safe space.

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