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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers to add Dancers and the Hrothgar

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the game’s third expansion after 2015’s Heavensward and 2017’s Stormblood, will add a second set of jobs and races, after the previously revealed Gunbreaker and Viera.

A keynote by game director Naoki Yoshida at the Japan leg of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival revealed more information about the upcoming expansion, which is set to be released on July 2.

The second new job that Shadowbringers will introduce to Final Fantasy XIV is the Dancer, which is a ranged class that uses throwing weapons. The new job is also capable of providing various bonuses to teammates by performing dances.


Meanwhile, the second playable race coming with the new expansion are the male-only, leonin Hrothgar. Similar to the female-only Viera, Hrothgar characters will have unique heads, customizable features, and their own clans.


In addition to Dancers and the Hrothgar, Shadowbringers will also come with the new towns of The Crystarium and Eulmore, and the new area named Lakeland. The name of the high-end raid of the expansion has also been revealed as Eden, and it will feature a woman named Gaia.

An updated full trailer for Shadowbringers was also released, providing a more complete look at the new expansion with the inclusion of all the additions that it will bring to Final Fantasy XIV.


Shadowbringers was a surprise announcement by Square Enix at the Las Vegas leg of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in November last year. Yoshida hinted at the arrival of a job wielding a gunblade, similar to the weapon of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, as well as the upcoming addition of the Viera, the race of rabbit people represented by Fran in Final Fantasy XII.

The Gunbreaker job and the Viera race were confirmed last month at the Paris leg of the event, alongside a new Alliance raid that will be a crossover with Nier: Automata, the Trust System feature that will allow non-player characters to accompany players in dungeons, and the release date of July 2.

Shadowbringers will raise the level cap from 70 to 80, and will also add a New Game Plus feature that will allow players to relive the game’s story so far while using their current characters.

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