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The PC version of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ lets you play as Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman

In what is without a doubt one of the weirdest video game crossovers, PC players of Final Fantasy XV will be able to play as Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. OK, technically it’s a Freeman costume, but the HEV jumpsuit, designer specs, and crowbar makes Noctis look like a younger Freeman with spiky hair.

To gain access to the Half-Life bonus, you’ll have to purchase Final Fantasy XV before May 1 on Steam. Only Noctis can wear the costume in the single player campaign, but your customized characters can also don the outfit in Final Fantasy XV‘s Comrades multiplayer expansion. This means that you can make a character who looks pretty much exactly like Freeman.

If you pre-order the game before its March 6 launch on Steam, you’ll receive four additional outfits for Noctis:

  • The strength-enhancing tee
  • The HP recovery rate-increasing tee
  • The critical hit rate-increasing tee
  • The maximum HP-increasing tee

The PC version can also be bought through Origin and the Microsoft Store. Origin users will get a slew of decals to put on the Regalia, while those who purchase from the Microsoft Store will get a special in-game sword and a bag of elixirs and phoenix downs (10 of each) when you start the adventure.

The biggest benefit of purchasing on the Microsoft Store comes into play if you either own an Xbox One or plan on playing the Comrades multiplayer expansion. If purchased through the Microsoft Store, save data can be transferred between PC and Xbox One versions of the game. Of course, you do have to own a copy on each platform to take advantage of this feature. Cross-play between the Xbox One and PC version of the Comrades expansion will be added in a post-launch update.

Square Enix will release a Final Fantasy XV demo on Steam, Origin, and the Microsoft Store on February 26. The demo lets you play through chapter one of the campaign before the game officially launches on PC on March 6. The PC version comes with all of the DLC packs released so far on PS4 and Xbox One, including the three character episodes and the Comrades expansion.

The Steam version seems like the way to go since we will finally get to hear Gordon Freeman talk. Well, sort of at least.

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