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New details on ‘Final Fantasy VII’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ emerge

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Kingdom Hearts/Twitter
The wait has been long, but like an adventurer finishing a quest, the end may be in sight.

At the Monaco Anime Game International Conference 2017 (MAGIC 2017), developer Square Enix showed off screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III.

At @MagicMonaco, #KH director Tetsuya Nomura spoke about his work & career and revealed this new #KH3 screenshot!

— Kingdom Hearts (@KINGDOMHEARTS) February 18, 2017

“This is the first time we show this screenshot of Kingdom Hearts III,” said director Tetsuya Nomura, via as translated by Gematsu. “It’s happening in Thebes, and they are fighting a new model of the Heartless. The Keyblade turns into a lot of things. Here it is a shield, but it can also be transformed into a chariot. This is called Power Form.”

Looks like Cloud has been spotted in this new #FFVII Remake screenshot Tetsuya Nomura revealed at @MagicMonaco

— Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy) February 18, 2017

While info on Kingdom Hearts III was light, there was more meat given to Final Fantasy VII Remake. “I’ve put a lot of attention into the combat system, and it’s going to happen without interruption. In meetings, we’ve had a lot of problems with the grenades,” said Monura. Friendly fire has also been turned off during combat, so grenades won’t hurt party members.

The Guard Scorpion looks like an even more formidable foe in the second #FFVII Remake screenshot shown for the first time at @MagicMonaco

— Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy) February 18, 2017

“Here is the first boss in the game. It’s a Scorpion, and the scenery will be partly destructible. Sorry, I asked to show a video, but the company refused. The menus are not yet final, but I will talk more on another occasion,” said Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts III was announced during E3 2013. Almost four years later, fans still have no idea when the game will come out. The previous entry in the mainline series, Kingdom Hearts II, was released in 2006. That’s a long time to wait for a sequel. Final Fantasy VII Remake was long rumored too, but was eventually revealed at E3 2015. Later that year it was announced that the game would be broken into an episodic series, much to the dismay of fans. Even with the piecemeal roll out, Square Enix has been quiet on any sort of release date.

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