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How to get the Silver Card in Fire Emblem Engage

By purchasing the expansion pass for Fire Emblem Engage, you are entitled to four waves of DLC content throughout the year. The first wave was available right as the game launched, meaning you could grab some extra items right away. Probably the most enticing among them is the Silver Card, which gives you a 30% shop discount at the armory and item shops. However, it isn't clear how to actually get it, and missing it initially could require a bit of effort to go back and get it. Follow along to make sure you don't miss grabbing the Silver Card in Fire Emblem Engage.



What You Need

  • Fire Emblem Engage expansion pass

  • Unlock Emlem Edelgard

  • At least one warp staff

A text description of the Silver Card.

How to get the Silver Card

Once you progress far enough to unlock Emblem Edelgard, a Paralogue mission called The Ancestor appears on the map. This is where the Silver Card is obtained, but not automatically.

Step 1: Enter the Paralogue mission with at least one Warp staff.

Selecting a warp staff in battle.

Step 2: Use the warp staff to teleport one of your units to the top-left corner of the map where there's a pool of water. There is no normal way to reach this location besides teleportation.

Highlighting a space in Fire Emblem Engage.

Step 3: Move the unit to the glowing spot on the left side of the water and end their turn.

Collecting the Silver Card.

Step 4: They will pick up the Silver Card.

Step 5: Complete the rest of the mission.

If you complete the mission without getting the Silver Card, your only option is to wait until a skirmish appears in the same location and make sure to get it then, but these are random, so you may end up waiting a while.

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