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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes: Gift guide

If you’re fresh off of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, then you already know that building relationships is a major component of the game. The stronger your bonds with your fellow characters, the better you will work together on the battlefield. Plus, you get to know all these interesting characters on a much deeper level. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes isn’t on the same level of being almost a life-sim where you can romance other characters, but a form of the relationship system is still present and just as important for gameplay reasons.

While not the only way to make people like you, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes or in real life, giving gifts certainly helps. There’s an entire system of gift giving in this game that is great for boosting your relationships with all the characters in your house, but it isn’t as simple as just giving random presents to anyone. Each character has specific items they like, and even a few that they will dislike, and you should know their preferences before presenting them with something. To make sure you’re the most considerate gift giver possible, here’s a full gift guide for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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How to get and give gift items

A map of base camp in fire emblem

Gifts are one of the many ways you can increase your Support Level with all the characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, as well as give you some unique dialogue. Gifts can increase your relationship, not change it or reduce it based on what you give each character.

Before you can give a gift, you will obviously need to get one. Gifts can be obtained in a number of ways, but most will be purchased from your Item Shopkeeper in the base camp. They will only have a limited amount you can buy each chapter, but they will refresh at the start of each new one. Another way to get some gifts is through Survey Spots. These are special areas on the map that open up occasionally for completing side missions. Check any out on your war map to see if you can get some easy gifts.

Once you have an inventory full of goodies ready to hand out like Santa, you’re ready to spread some cheer. Just approach the character you want to give a gift to at your camp and speak to them. Or, if you are having trouble tracking them down, you can also select them from a list in the Explore Camp menu and be teleported right to their location.

Black Eagles character gift guide

A merchant saying they're opening shop.

Before breaking down what each character likes, to the best of our knowledge, there are two things to point out. First is that these are just gifts that we know these characters like. There’s no point in knowing what a character doesn’t like as long as you know what you should be giving them. Second is that everyone likes Owl Feathers. We’d rather just say that right at the top than list them for every single entry on the list.

  • Egelgard: Armored Stuff Teddy, Monarch Studies Book, Carnation, Board Game
  • Monica: The History Of Fodlan, Hunting Dagger, Arithmetic Textbook, Monarch Study Book
  • Bernie: Armored Bear, Stuffy Book of Sheet Music, Watering Can, Dapper Handkerchief
  • Hubert: The History of Fódlan, Board Game, Coffee Beans
  • Dorothea: Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip, Book of Sheet Music
  • Bernadetta: Watering Can, Dapper Handkerchief, Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Pitcher Plant, Landscape Painting
  • Caspar: Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Hunting Dagger
  • Jeritza: Tasty Baked Treat, Hunting Dagger
  • Petra: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger
  • Ferdinand: Riding Boots, Tea Leaves
  • Hapi: Tasty Baked Treat, Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger
  • Constance: Arithmetic Textbook, Tea Leaves
  • Linhardt: Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Manuela: Gemstone Beads, Book Of Sheet Music

Blue Lions character gift guide

  • Dimitri: Training Weight, Riding Boots, Whetstone, Ceremonial Sword
  • Dedue: Floral Adornment, Watering Can, Exotic Spices
  • Felix: Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Hunting Dagger, Ceremonial Sword
  • Ashe: Tasty Baked Treat, Legends of Chivalry, Exotic Spices, Violet
  • Sylvain: Dapper Handkerchief, Board Game, Landscape Painting
  • Mercedes: Tasty Baked Treat, Gemstone Beads, Armored Bear Stuffy, Lavender
  • Annette: Book Of Sheet Music, Arithmetic Textbook, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Ingrid: Smoked Meat, Riding Boots, Legends of Chivalry
  • Rodrigue: Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Riding Boots, Blue Cheese
  • Seteth: Fishing Float, History Of Fodlan, Dapper Handkerchief
  • Flayn: Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy, Stylish Hair Clip, Dapper Handkerchief

Golden Deer character gift guide

  • Claude: Equestrian Shoes, Heraldic Illustration, Board Game, Exotic Spices
  • Hilda: Gleamstone, Bear Doll, Sheet Music Collection, Fashionable Hair Ornaments, Nice Handkerchief
  • Lorenz: Beautiful Cut Flowers, Sheet Music Collection, Black Tea Leaves, Rose
  • Raphael: Blue Mold Cheese, Delicious Baked Treats, Smoked Meat Training
  • Lysithea: Lily, Delicious Baked Treats, Bear Doll, Arithmetic Textbook, Heraldic Illustration, Book of Crest Designs
  • Ignatz: Beautiful Landscape Painting, Wood-carved Goddess Statue, Decorative Sword, Ancient Coins, Forget-Me-Not
  • Marianne: Beautiful Cut Flowers, Bear Doll, Nice Handkerchief, Lily of the Valley
  • Leonie: Fishing Float, Training Weights, Hunting Dagger

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