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Titanfall DLC adds maps and more this May

first titanfall dlc coming may game modes later

The first DLC for Titanfall, titled Expedition, will be released this May, Respawn Entertainment confirms. The news came during a PAX East panel discussing the game’s creation (via Polygon).

Expedition adds three new maps set after the game’s campaign: “Swampland” introduces trees for wall running and is set among alien ruins, “Runoff” is flooded with water, and “War Games” is set in the game’s training simulator. More details will be released soon. The DLC is included as part of a Season Pass that costs $24.99, or you can grab it a la carte for $9.99.

During the panel, the developers also confirmed free DLC is on the way that introduces new Burn Cards and multiplayer modes, including a 2v2 take on Last Titan Standing. On top of that, Respawn is looking at ways to remove the HUD (for video capture), introduce competitive rankings, and offer daily challenges. There’s also an incoming feature that allows players to  connect with other players using social media-style hashtags, but there’s no explanation for exactly how that will work.

New variations on existing game modes may also be on the way. Respawn is considering introducing “rifts or variants,” which modify existing game modes. They would be limited time releases that gamers could try out for a week or two, and the best received of these modes would then be considered for permanent rotation.

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