First XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC includes new story missions

Slingshot DLC pack skull helmet

In an announcement made this morning, 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games revealed the first two downloadable content additions for the recently released strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The first is simply a retail version of the Elite Soldier Pack already available to those who pre-ordered XCOM, while the second includes three new maps and new singleplayer story content.

As those of you who pre-ordered XCOM (or were handed a DLC code by friendly GameStop employees) know, the Elite Soldier Pack includes a wealth of new soldier customization options. There’s new hair styles, new armor styles, and a number of new colors with which to paint your soldier. Additionally, the Elite Soldier Pack grants players a new recruit designed to resemble the soldiers seen in the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense). When it hits the various downloadable content services this pack will set players back $5, though unfortunately 2K failed to mention when that might occur.

The second and more interesting DLC pack has been dubbed the “Slingshot Content Pack.” We have neither a release date nor a price point for this pack, but we do know that it’s focused on expanding XCOM’s single-player, story-driven content. According to Gamespy, the pack will offer players a new three-mission story arc in which they’ll be accompanied by a special NPC character who functions unlike any seen in the game to date. Instead of simply escorting this Yakuza member to a designated drop zone, players will fight alongside him against a squadron UFOs hovering over China. Though he has a unique look and voice, Gamespy claims the character functions in battle much like the Heavy soldier class.

Alongside these new missions, the Slingshot Pack will also include a healthy number of new aesthetic customization options. These will be different from those seen in the Elite Soldier Pack, and in addition to the standard hair designs and color schemes, the Slingshot Pack will also include entirely new “alternate looks for [the late-game] Titan, Ghost, Archangel, and Psi armors.” To wit: the Giger-esque skull helmet seen on the character in the header image above.

We expect more word on when these DLC offerings will become available in the next few weeks. 2K’s announcement makes it sound as if that Elite Soldier Pack could go on sale any day now, and we doubt the Slingshot Pack will be far behind. As soon as we’ve got official word on any of this, we’ll let you know.