Following the delay of ‘Watch Dogs,’ Ubisoft’s shares fall 22-percent

following the delay of watch dogs ubisofts shares fall 22 percent

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Originally scheduled as a launch title for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has been delayed, causing a significant drop in the publisher’s stock price, according to Following the news of the delay, the stock price dropped 21.31-percent, and may dip further.

Along with Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s open world racing game The Crew was also delayed, but Watch Dogs was among the most anticipated launch titles for the next-gen system while The Crew never had a firm release date. The decision to hold Watch Dogs back to give it more time to polish may be a strong affirmation of quality over all else, but the game was consider by many to be a must buy for the new consoles. 

Sony also was offering a bundle pairing Watch Dogs with the PlayStation 4. A decision hasn’t been made on what or how to replace the game yet, but Amazon has confirmed that it won’t delay the shipment of the console itself.

One saving grace for Ubisoft is that it still has Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in the pipeline for both the current gen and next-gen. The franchise has sold over 57 million copies over five games, and the most recent is expected to do well. Ubisoft also has Just Dance 2014 coming for the next gen systems, which has a much smaller, but still devoted fanbase.