Former Tom Clancy devs’ new studio working on adventure game about ‘misfit squids’


Video gaming fans, please welcome The Game Bakers. The new studio announced its existence today with a press release and a website confirming that it is very much a thing, founded by former Ubisoft staffers Audrey Leprince and Emeric Thoa.

The France-based studio is focused on creating “AAA quality games for mobile platforms,” an interesting turnaround for both founders. Between them, Leprince and Thoa have worked on a wide variety of Ubisoft titles, including several of the more recent Tom Clancy games. The press release notes that the two have built a team made up of “senior developers and talents from the video game world and the comic book industry.”

The Game Bakers’ first project is SQUIDS, which will be coming to PC, Mac and “mobile platforms.” It’s an adventure game that follows a team of “misfit squids” who are on a mission to “banish Black Ooze from the seas.” The squid army that you build will eventually take on nefarious zombie crabs and shrimp. Up at the top of this post is a peek at some of the concept art; you can check out more on The Game Bakers’ website.