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Fortnite challenge guide: How to complete the Black Panther quests

Fortnite season 5 is chock full of challenges and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Recently, a new set of Black Panther challenges became available, based on the famous Marvel hero. The challenges themselves aren’t too tough, but it’s a good idea to be aware of what they are and how to get through them as efficiently as possible.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through completing all three Black Panther quests in Fortnite.

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List of Black Panther quests

  • Players need to play 10 matches in Fortnite without leaving midway.
  • Players must outlast a total of 500 enemies across all Fortnite games played during the event’s duration.
  • Players have to complete five games of Duo or Squad in Fortnite with their in-game friends.

There are a couple of things to know about the Black Panther challenges in Fortnite. The first thing is that — unlike many challenges this season — you can stack progress across all three quests. This is particularly useful to know ahead of time so you can complete them all as efficiently as possible. During season 5, many challenges cannot be stacked, since you have to complete the first stage before unlocking the next, and so on. But luckily, that’s not the case with Black Panther’s quests.

Below, we’ll walk you through completing all of Black Panther’s quests.

Play 10 matches without leaving midway

Since you can stack progress across all three challenges, we recommend to go for this one while you attempt the last one, which requires you to play five games in Duos or Squads with in-game friends. As long as you don’t leave the match, you’ll gain credit towards this quest. If you want to make this one go by faster, you can kill your character as soon as the match starts by jumping off a tall building or something similar, but we don’t recommend this since you need to survive to gain credit for the next challenge.

Outlast a total of 500 enemies

Ideally, we advise to prioritize this challenge while playing Duos or Squads with friends. As soon as the game starts, hide on the edges of the map — as far away from others as possible. Even if you win each and every match you play, you’ll still need to complete around six games to outlast 500 enemies, which is more than the amount you need for the next challenge.

Complete five games of Duo or Squad with in-game friends

This one is likely the toughest because it can be hard to line up with your friends. If you’re really having trouble, play random matches and send friend requests to everyone. Not everyone will accept, but you’ll surely make at least a few new friends this way. Otherwise, go for the Black Panther quests all at once with a buddy to ensure you complete them efficiently.

Once you complete all three quests, you’re rewarded with the Wakandan Salute emote for free.

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