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Fortnite chapter 3 guide: Season 2, week 3 quests and how to complete them

The latest set of Fortnite challenges is live, this time for week 3 of season 2. For this week’s quest, expect a much more straightforward set of objectives than before, as most of the challenges are self-explanatory, with only a couple of exceptions. Nonetheless, we’ll walk you through completing all of them here.

These are the new season 2, week 3 challenges and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Season 2, week 3 quests

  • Damage opponents from 30 or more meters with the revolver (100)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Synapse Station or The Daily Bugle (75)
  • Emote within 10 meters of a character (1)
  • Gain shields by consuming foragables (50)
  • Mod a vehicle with the cow catcher (1)
  • Search chests and ammo boxes at IO Outposts (3)
  • Use an ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern (2)

Season 2, week 3 quest guide

Damage opponents from 30 or more meters with the revolver (100)

A revolver from Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This one is pretty self-explanatory, so be sure you’re on the lookout for a revolver as you gather supplies. It helps if you land at a spot with lots of different chests and items such as Tilted Towers, but pick whichever spot you’re most comfortable with. Once you get your hands on the revolver, make sure you engage with enemies from at least 30 meters. Keep in mind, you’ll deal around 30 damage with each shot from 30 meters away, so you’ll need to connect with four shots total. You can also complete this challenge by damaging NPCs who will just be standing around, so that’s a great method, as well.

Deal damage to opponents at Synapse Station or The Daily Bugle (75)

In terms of simplicity, it’s best to attempt this quest at The Daily Bugle since you’re more likely to run into enemy players. Land here and make it a priority to grab some decent weapons and loot right away. All you need to do is deal 75 damage, which can be done quickly. If you don’t manage to deal all 75 in one match, you can pick up where you left off in a separate game.

Emote within 10 meters of a character (1)

Once again, this is a challenge you can complete with an NPC instead of an actual player. To make it easy, simply visit one of the main hubs on the map where you’ll find an NPC. Then, get right in front of them and perform an emote to get credit for completing this quest.

Gain shields by consuming foragables (50)

Map of foragables in Fortnite.

This week’s quests are mostly straightforward, and this is yet another example of that. For this one, you need to consume enough foragables to replenish 50 shields, so visit any of the spots shown on the map above to complete the challenge quickly. Remember, foragables are foods like corn, peppers, and other fruits and vegetables.

Mod a vehicle with the cow catcher (1)

This is arguably the trickiest quest of the week since it requires a little luck, but if you’re thorough, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You need to locate a red toolbox, which are often found inside buildings and even behind them, close to fences. Open a toolbox and it’ll contain a cow catcher, then take it to a vehicle and throw the cow catcher directly at it to complete this one. It’s best to just be on the lookout for red toolboxes as you play instead of making it a priority to find one because they tend to spawn randomly.

Search chests and ammo boxes at IO Outposts (3)

Map of IO Outpost locations in Fortnite.

For this challenge, simply visit one of the spots marked on the map above to find a chest and or ammo box. You only need to open three total, and any combination of chests and ammo boxes will work for this quest. If you don’t manage to find three before the match is over, you can pick up where you left off in a new game.

Use an ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern (2)

Map of ascenders at Chonker's Speedway in Fortnite. Map of ascenders at Command Cavern in Fortnite.

Ascenders are essentially rappel points that zip you up and down. For this challenge, you must use one at Chonker’s Speedway and one at Command Cavern to complete the challenge. There are several different ascenders at each location, so use the maps above to see where they’re located. You do not need to use both in one match to complete the challenge.

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