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Fortnite Chapter 3 guide: season 3, week 11 quests and how to complete them

The next set of Fortnite challenges is live, this time for season 3, week 11. For the most part, the new quests are relatively straightforward, though some of them might require a little preparation to complete. Thankfully, we’ve got all the details you’ll need to complete the new challenges with ease.

These are the new quests and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Season 3, week 11 quests

  • Damage a player with a DMR at greater than 75 meters away (1)
  • Damage opponent vehicles with the Charge SMG (500)
  • Eliminate an opponent with a Junk Rift (1)
  • Eliminate opponents with the Kamehameha (3)
  • Emote at the Reality Tree (1)
  • Land 3 times in a single match (3)
  • Open Supply Drops (2)

Season 3, week 11 quest guide

Damage a player with a DMR at greater than 75 meters away (1)

This quest can be a little annoying, but if you use a ping to gauge how far away your enemy is, you’ll have an easier time with it. You only need to hit the opponent with one bullet, so no need to worry about finishing them off or dealing a certain amount of damage.

Damage opponent vehicles with the Charge SMG (500)

For this quest, we recommend landing at high-traffic areas like Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, or Chonker’s Speedway, where you’ll find lots of loot and vehicles. Once you have a Charge SMG, be on the lookout for an enemy driving a vehicle, and then fire away at them. You need to deal 500 damage to the vehicle itself while the enemy is inside, which might take a little while, but it’s possible to complete this challenge in one match (though you don’t need to since it’s cumulative).

Eliminate an opponent with a Junk Rift (1)

Map of Greasy Grove in Fortnite.

Junk Rifts can be acquired as floor loot, from blue crates, and from Guaco at Greasy Grove (shown on the map above). You can actually complete this quest by dealing damage to an NPC like a wolf or Storm Trooper (as well as real players). So, damage the enemy until they have a sliver of health left, and then throw the Junk Rift at them to finish them off. You only need to eliminate one enemy for this to count. You can also use the Junk Rift on a downed enemy for easier results.

Eliminate opponents with the Kamehameha (3)

Map of islands in Fortnite.

There are a few ways to acquire the Kamehameha ability such as from Capsule Corp capsules, Vending Machines, and from the Bulma NPC (shown on the map above). The Kamehameha ability itself has three charges available, and for this challenge, you need to eliminate three opponents. However, you don’t need to eliminate three opponents in one match, since it tracks cumulatively. Using the Kamehameha is straightforward enough — you’ll jump up in the air and fire the energy blast for a few seconds, while being able to control its trajectory. You can also perform this move on downed opponents in team-based modes, which makes it easier to finish.

Emote at the Reality Tree (1)

The hardest thing about this challenge is that Reality Falls is typically pretty busy, so you’ll want to get in and get out quickly if possible. Be sure to take note of other players landing nearby so you’ve got a sense of how many opponents are in your way.

Land 3 times in a single match (3)

Map showing the locations of rifts on islands in Fortnite.
Goku on island in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The best way to complete this quest is to land at the islands to the east of Sanctuary. Specifically, land at the smaller island to the southeast, where you’ll find a rift that will spawn you in the sky. Use the rift to navigate over to the massive statue to the west and make sure you touch the ground. Then walk over to the statue itself and a gust of wind will shoot you up. Land on top of the statue (or anywhere, really) and you’ll earn credit for this quest.

Open Supply Drops (2)

Throughout the latter portions of a match, blue Supply Drops will drop from the sky, but more often than not, they’re heavily contested. Depending on where one spawns, it might be tricky to open one, but if you want to make your life easier, you can actually find Supply Drops at the Pawntoon boat that spawns in random locations around the shore. As soon as you jump from the battle bus, deploy your glider and look around for the Pawntoon boat, and once you find it, land inside and you’ll find one Supply Drop. Typically, the Pawntoon boats aren’t contested, so you should have it to yourself. This quest is cumulative, meaning you can complete it over the course of multiple matches.

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