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Fortnite Chapter 3 Guide: Season 3, week 12 quests and how to complete them

It’s time once again for a new set of Fortnite quests. For Season 3, week 12, Epic Games has given us a run-of-the-mill batch of quests, many of which are variations on challenges we’ve seen before. Some are related to combat, others are location specific, and a couple are tied to seasonal features.

Here, we’ll dive into the new quests with guides on how to complete them all in Fortnite.

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Season 3, week 12 quests

  • Collect bars at Lazy Lagoon (100)
  • Damage players with the Ripsaw Launcher (200)
  • Dislodge Runaway Boulders (6)
  • Headshot opponents with the Prime Shotgun (5)
  • Hit opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun (10)
  • Land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and travel to The Glow in a single match (1)
  • Tame wildlife in a single match (3)

Season 3, week 12 quest guide

Collect bars at Lazy Lagoon (100)

Lazy Lagoon in Fortnite.

For this quest, land at Lazy Lagoon and loot as much as you can. Gold bars can be found in cash registers, chests, and safes, and so as long as you’re thorough while looting, you should be able to find 100 quickly. This quest is cumulative, so don’t worry if you don’t find all 100 in one match.

Damage players with the Ripsaw Launcher (200)

Map of Ripsaw Launcher location in Fortnite.

If you’ve played this season regularly, you should be familiar with where to find a Ripsaw Launcher. They spawn from chests, but there’s a guaranteed drop at the log cabin to the northeast of Logjam Lumberyard (as shown on the map above). You can find many of them on the main floor or the wall. We recommend grabbing a couple, just in case.

It doesn’t matter how you get your hands on the Ripsaw Launcher — what you need to do is deal 200 damage to opponents across any number of matches. If you can, it’s best to try and sneak up on enemies to ensure you can connect with the saw itself.

Dislodge Runaway Boulders (6)

Map of Runaway Boulders at Reality Falls in Fortnite.

All around Reality Falls are Runaway Boulders. For this quest, you simply need to smack the boulders with your Harvesting Tool to dislodge them. Use the map above for reference. Keep in mind, you don’t need to dislodge all six in one match, so no need to worry if you get eliminated before dislodging all six.

Headshot opponents with the Prime Shotgun (5)

This one is straightforward — just make sure you prioritize using the Prime Shotgun during close-quarters situations. As long as you focus on headshots, you’ll likely earn more progress toward it, rather than simply trying to get it naturally. This one is cumulative as well.

Hit opponents with the Two-Shot Shotgun (10)

Once again, this is another straightforward one, just make sure you focus on it after you get your hands on a Two-Shot Shotgun. You can also make progress toward this by damaging NPCs, so there are plenty of ways to get through this quest.

Land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and travel to The Glow in a single match (1)

Map of Glow quest in Fortnite.

For this quest, land at either Groovy Grove (not to be confused with Greasy Grove) or Fungi Farm, and then make your way northeast to The Glow. It’s a shorter trip if you land at Groovy Grove, so that will be your best bet if you want to get this quest done quickly. The Glow is found just northeast of Tilted Towers in the body of water, so as soon as you reach this spot, you’ll earn credit for this quest.

Tame wildlife in a single match (3)

Map of Shifty Shafts in Fortnite.

The pen on the northeastern side of Shifty Shafts contains a couple of boars, which can be tamed. If you simply jump on their backs, that counts as taming them, so do that three times to complete this quest. The cool thing about this quest is that you don’t need to tame three different animals — if you jump on the back of the same boar three times, you’ll still earn credit for this quest.

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