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Winter reportedly comes early with new ‘Fortnite’ freeze traps

Fortnite flaming hoops ring of fire locations

Having trouble hitting that particularly evasive player in a round of Fortnite? If it’s keeping you from scoring a Victory Royale, the game’s rumored freeze traps should help you line up that perfect shot a little more easily.

The Twitter account Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks shared the information over the weekend, revealing that a freeze trap item will be coming to Fortnite in a future update. According to the leak, the traps will be rare, and will do a small amount of damage while slowing down anyone within its area of effect. This seems like the perfect item to use when playing with a squad, as you could presumably freeze an entire enemy team and take them out to win a match.

Presumably, something like a freeze trap would be added closer to the holiday season. Epic Games is making things spooky right now in preparation for Halloween, with a floating island interacting with a rune located on the ground and creating a giant whirling storm around it. The latest season update also gave players a variety new skins to wear, including an outlaw and a DJ llama, as well as the ability to have a chameleon, dragon, or dog as a pet companion during matches.

Fortnite Squad - SNL

Fortnite recently got even more exposure thanks to a skit on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Host Adam Driver starred as a middle-aged dad hoping to learn the game in order to bond with his son — and win him back from his stepfather — but found himself unable to perform the most basic tasks in the game. Instead of getting ready to shoot at another squad, Driver’s character (played by Mikey Day) instead breaks into a dance, and the entire squad is killed. Perhaps he would have done better if it were Star Wars: Battlefront II they were playing together.

Fortnite is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. As of last week, all platforms support cross-play with all other platforms, making it the first time ever that a PlayStation player can interact with Xbox and Nintendo players … if you don’t count the time Epic Games did it accidentally last year.

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