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The ‘Fortnite’ sky rift is closing and rumored to disappear next week

Fortnite’s giant sky rift above the Battle Royale map seems to be slowly closing. Reportedly, this closure will continue to happen all throughout this week and into the next. It will culminate with the sky rift completely disappearing from the map for good later next week. It all began this past weekend as an update released from Epic Games on Saturday, August 11, marked the beginning of the rift shrinking.

According to known Battle Royale leaker, FNBR Leaks on Twitter, the reign of the Fortnite giant sky rift will reportedly come to an end on August 21, most likely alongside the weekly content update. This is surprising given that season 5 is about to head into week six, meaning that the season is barely more than halfway over. The rift originally marked the start of season 5 when the rocket launching near Snobby Shores during the week nine of season 4 created it.

The Fortnite giant sky rift has been an integral part of season 5 thus far, allowing for the numerous rift portals to appear around the map that players can jump into. It has also contributed to bringing in the new desert region of Paradise Palms that replaced Moisty Mire and the southeastern quadrant of the map.

The Fortnite giant sky rift closing for good could be the start of several teases from Epic Games for season 6. Though this current season is only halfway over, it would not be unprecedented for hints to start coming now. A similar situation happened in season 3 with the meteor appeared in the sky in week four before it came crashing into the ground at the conclusion of that season.

It remains to be seen, though, how the Fortnite giant sky rift’s rumored disappearing will affect the rest of the season. The rift portals are sure to stick around for the time being as they are key to completing certain challenges. We also think this means the Battle Royale map will largely remain the same until season 6. As for what this will mean for the next season, it is currently unclear.

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