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‘Fortnite’ Halloween event could bring back the Skull Trooper skin

The Skull Trooper skin is expected to return for the Fortnite Halloween event this month according to a new data mining leak by @MystxcLeaks and @The1Jaren through Twitter and

At the moment, we have no images to confirm it is our favorite spooky skeleton skin but if it is, it will likely return with the same look as before. As for the other leaked cosmetics, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the coming Fortnite 6.2 and 6.3 updates.

The Fortnite Halloween skins for this year will reportedly include:

  • Scourge (female)
  • Squashman (male)
  • Onesie (female)
  • Bullseye (female)
  • Hollowhead (male)
  • Plague (male)
  • Skull Ranger (female)

As for Emotes, we’ll be seeing new dance moves such as:

  • Headbanger
  • Sprinkler
  • Behold!
  • Electro Swing
  • Get Psyched

Pickaxes and gliders were also leaked and will likely contain:

  • Herald’s Wand for the Plague skin
  • Carver for the Pumpkin Slice skin
  • TBD Skull Trooper pickaxe
  • TBD Plague Glider
  • TBD Skull Trooper Glider

If our sources are correct, it looks like the Skull Trooper will be the only Halloween skin making a comeback and will now be accompanied by the new Skull Ranger skin which sounds like a female variant. It remains unclear if any of these new skins will only be available to players with a Battle Pass that complete the upcoming challenges or if it will be open to all players in the Fortnite store. But we’re sure to find out soon with an upcoming patch update.

It’s unknown if Fortnite skin fan favorites such as the Ghoul Trooper will be returning too but there will be plenty of new skins inbound for players to get their hands on. Earlier this week, more creepy Fortnite Halloween-themed cosmetics were leaked by @TwoEpicBuddies and @FBNRLeaks on Twitter that included two scarecrow skins called Straw Ops (female) and Hay Man (male) along with some back bling, gliders, pickaxes, and an emote called the TPose. These weren’t included in the recent Fortnite 6.01 update.

It looks like Epic Games plans to go all out for Halloween this year and with all these leaks circulating, players better start planning accordingly. You surely don’t want to miss out on all the Halloween fun coming to Fortnite and other games this year.

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