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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 map guide

Season 4 of Fortnite is finally here, introducing us to a new cast of Marvel characters and their cosmic struggle against Galactus, dubbed the Nexus War. To go along with the new content is a new map — although the changes this time around aren’t nearly as dramatic as last season’s flood. Here’s what you can expect to find while exploring Fortnite in season 4.

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Spawn island has been replaced by a helicarrier

The first change you’ll notice isn’t technically related to the island, but it’s a huge addition, nonetheless. Spawn island is officially gone, replaced instead by a massive helicarrier. You’ll also notice some adjustments to the Battle Bus, along with the appearance of a few jets right before you parachute down into the action. If nothing else, it’s fun to explore some new locations while waiting for the battle to begin.

Pleasant Park is now Doom’s Domain

By far the biggest change to the map was the addition of Doom’s Domain. The mastermind has taken over Pleasant Park, employing henchmen to patrol the area. Venture far enough into its depths and you’ll find Dr. Doom. We’ve had luck finding him in his mansion, but if you can’t find the nefarious doctor at home, be sure to check other parts of his base, especially near his vault.

Complete with a Doom statue, underground base, and plenty of henchmen’s chests, it’s safe to say that this will quickly become a hotspot for players to drop. There’s also a new challenge to defeat Dr. Doom — so keep your eyes peeled if you decide to venture into his domain. He’s one of the most powerful foes we’ve seen, and it’s best to tackle him with a few buddies by your side.

Sentinel Graveyard near Lazy Lake

Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Easy to spot from the sky but not officially named on the map, the Sentinel Graveyard is home to several defunct Sentinels. It’s located near Lazy Lake, up on a hilltop that peers down on the Weeping Woods. While dropping in, just look for the massive purple robots near the middle of the map — it’s a pretty hard spot to miss. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to find here besides a few chests and a lot of other players. If you find yourself in trouble, jump onto a Sentinel’s hand, as its energy beacon can propel you into the air for a quick getaway.

To be safe, we’d recommend checking out the graveyard from a helicopter. There’s not a whole lot to see on the ground, and the best view of the new location is definitely from the sky.

Downed Quinjets

Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Each match, you’ll be able to find some downed Quinjets on the map. Their locations appear to be random, but no matter where they spawn you’re bound to find a lot of drones, henchmen, and some powerful loot. Like most new locations, this one is currently a hotspot for players — only venture toward its location if you’ve already got your hands on some decent weapons. Once there, make your way inside the Quinjet to open a chest that could possibly contain the newly introduced Stark Industries Energy Rifle.

Other minor map changes in Season 4

Beyond those three big changes, Season 4 introduced a couple of smaller adjustments to the map. These include:

  • The sea wall has been removed from The Authority, making it a more accessible location. It has also been abandoned by NPCs.
  • Catty Corner has been abandoned, as the swirling vortex previously seen has likely scared away its residents.
  • The Fortilla has been partially destroyed.
  • Rickety Rig has been completely removed from the map.
  • Bifrost markings can be seen scattered across the island.
  • Thor’s hammer is missing from its crater.

More changes to come

Like all seasons before it, we’re expecting more changes to the map over the duration of Season 4. At some point Galactus will probably clash with Marvel’s heroes, reshaping the entire landscape in the process. Fortnite seems to love destroying and reworking its island, and we’re curious to see what it has in store for the coming weeks.

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