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Fortnite Zero Build is now a permanent game mode

Fortnite‘s latest season kicked off by removing the ability for players to build, one of the game’s identifying features. While the new game mode has caused some controversy among players, a new blog post from developer Epic Games revealed that the no-build mode is here to stay.

Fortnite Zero Build Gameplay Trailer - No Build Battle Royale

Starting today, Epic Games is adding the Zero Build game mode to Fortnite, which, as its name implies, removes building entirely in exchange for a suite of other tweaks. Players in Zero Build lobbies will have recharging Overshields, access to Ascenders that immediately lift them to airborne blimps, and mantling. To send home the point that this game mode is made for fast-paced matches, sprint speed in Zero Build is even increased over Fortnite‘s default mode.

Zero Build also includes all of the other additions to Fortnite included in its latest season. Players can shoulder bash doors, install turrets, access two new weapons, and use IO Titan Tank artillery systems.

The game mode’s permanent addition to Fortnite shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Epic Games has previously added other limited-time modes to Fortnite, including Team Rumble.

Likewise, it doesn’t seem that getting rid of building mechanics has driven players away from Fortnite. While we can’t see how many players the game has, a donation drive held by Epic Games and Xbox has shown off how much money the game is making. Three days after announcing the drive, which sends money made by both companies through Fortnite over to four humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine, Epic Games announced that a total of $50 million had been raised.

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