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Visit an oversized piano in Fortnite with our season 10, week 6 challenge guide

It’s time to equip your best dance emote and jump into the new season 10, week six challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This week, players can find a variety of challenges with music and dance elements to coincide with the “Boogie Down” mission theme for this week. Our guide will be focusing on one specific Prestige challenge which tasks players to visit and play the sheet music at an oversized piano. Before we dive in, however, let’s take a look at all the challenges players can complete this week.

Fortnite season 10, week 6 challenges

Fortnite Oversized Piano

As usual, there are seven challenges in total to complete. These are standard difficulty objectives, and completing all of them will open up an additional set of “Prestige” missions that are a bit harder to do, but offer up some better rewards.

Regular objectives:

  • Hit two opponents with a boogie bomb
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, an above ground pool, and a seat for giants
  • Get an elimination with the shotgun, assault rifle, and an SMG
  • Travel 100 meters while dancing
  • Visit an oversized piano
  • Destroy three no dancing signs
  • Dance inside a Brute mech in three different matches

Prestige objectives:

  • Damage two opponents affected by a boogie bomb
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, an above ground pool, and a seat for giants in a single match
  • Get an elimination with a pistol, a sniper rifle, and an explosive weapon
  • Dance with others to raise the disco ball at an icy airplane hangar
  • Play the sheet music at an oversized piano
  • Dance after opening a supply drop in different matches
  • Dance behind the DJ booth at a dance club while wearing the DJ Yond3r outfit

As you can see, there are two oversized piano challenges that some veteran players will be familiar with. We’ll be going over how to complete both.

Tips for completing the “oversized piano” challenges

Fortnite Oversized Piano

Before we get to the oversized piano challenge guide and how to complete it, here are a few tips worth considering before tackling this particular challenge.

  • Complete these challenges in Team Rumble as there are fewer players competing for the same challenge.
  • If you’re having trouble completing any of the normal or prestige versions of this challenge, turn on the Party Assist feature so your teammates can help.
  • Have patience. These challenges require players to take turns to complete it.
  • Make sure to visit the piano a second time for the prestige challenge because you can’t complete them together

Where to find the oversized piano in Fortnite

Fortnite Oversized Piano Location

The location of the oversized piano has changed since we last visited it for a challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It now resides on the eastern cliffside overlooking the ocean, just southeast of Lonely Lodge and north of the hero mansion from last week’s challenge. Its exact location is in the J5 square of the map grid.

How to play the sheet music at an oversized piano

Fortnite Oversized Piano

The Prestige version of the oversized piano challenge has you not only visit the musical instrument but also play it using sheet music.  To do this, enter a new match and visit the same piano we provided the location for above. You’ll find a sheet of music there that reads “C E G E C”. The keys of the piano are marked with those letters. All you have to do is play those keys in the same order they are written.

Fortnite season 10, week 6 challenges rewards

Fortnite Oversized Piano Keys

The reward you receive this week is dependent on how many challenges you complete. Below is a list of what you’ll get for tackling the season 10, week 6 Boogie Down missions.

  • One challenge: 10 battle stars
  • Two challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Three challenges: 10 more battle stars
  • Four challenges: 5,000 experience
  • Five challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Six challenges: 10 battle stars
  • All seven challenges: Sc3pt3r pickaxe

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