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Fortnite season 3 week 8 challenge guide: Motor Mayhem Time Trial location

One of the tougher objectives in Fortnite is its season 3 week 8 challenge, which requires you to complete the Motorboat Mayhem trial. There are a few points to cover with this one, like where to find the trial and how to complete it. Unlike a lot of Fortnite‘s weekly challenges, this one will require some skill to complete, but we’ll show you the best way to get it done, as well as where to find the trial’s location.

Here’s how to complete the Motorboat Mayhem trial in Fortnite.

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Where to find the Motorboat Mayhem trial

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Before starting the trial, you have to know where to find it. Luckily, it’s easy to locate — and you can find it on the island just north of Misty Meadows. When you jump out of the plane, initiate your glider right away to get a sense of where your enemies will be landing. If the coast is clear, go ahead and land on the little island where the trial is located (shown in the image above). If you see enemies making their way to this location, you might want to glide to a different nearby location to stay clear of the other players. If you’re confident in your ability, then go ahead and take them out.

Either way, you’ll find a handful of boats nearby, so hop in and pass through the checkpoint with an image of a clock and two paddles, located on the northwestern side of this island. Passing through the checkpoint will start the trial, which will require you to collect or go through all eight orbs in this area.

How to complete the Motorboat Mayhem trial

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This trial is actually quite difficult because you don’t have much time to complete it, and since the boat isn’t as precise as you might hope, you’re going to have to be pretty much flawless with your driving. In essence, it works like you’d expect: Go through all the checkpoints in the allotted time. There is a recommended path, which is depicted in the image above. The path you should take is shown in red, with the circular portion representing your starting position and the arrow being the end.

Here are the recommended steps you should take to get through all eight checkpoints in time:

  • As soon as the trial starts, pass through the checkpoint directly ahead, slightly to the right. Make sure you go into the checkpoint from the right side so you can easily turn left toward the next one at the ramp ahead.
  • The next one you should get is directly to the left of the last, at the top of a wooden ramp. Make sure you’ve picked up enough speed so you can reach the right height. Remember to turn into the previous checkpoint at the right angle so you can easily jump the ramp to collect the second one. If you’re having trouble, click in the left stick to give your boat a high-speed boost.
  • Right after you land, the next one will be to your right, right next to a checkered flag. Again, turn into this one at the right angle so you can jump the ramp to its right.
  • The fourth one is at the top of the ramp, just to the right of the last. Remember to use your boost if you’re having issues. Also, make sure you turn to the left while in mid-air so you can land in front of the next one.
  • You’ll find the fifth checkpoint just ahead of the fourth, to its left, right by the concrete bridge. Try to go slowly when collecting this one so you can position yourself to the right to grab the next.
  • After that, turn to the right, past the buoy, to grab the next one. For this, we recommend you slow down a hair so you can reposition your boat to the right.
  • The next one is just ahead and to the right — before the final one, which is found on a ramp. It’s a good idea to hit the boost on this one since you’ll likely be close to running out of time. It’ll also help you reach the last one on the ramp.
  • The final checkpoint is found on a ramp ahead. The nice thing is that you don’t have to actually jump the ramp. Simply drive on top of it to collect it.

If you follow this path, you should have fewer issues collecting all the checkpoints in time. Remember to use the path we outlined above for guidance.

Tips for completing the Motorboat Mayhem trial

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It’ll probably take you a few tries, but you’ll eventually get this one with a little luck and some skill. If you fail, you can always restart, but we recommend paying attention to the circle, as well as other enemies who will likely attempt to take you out if they see you cruising around on a boat. The longer you spend here, the likelier it is you’ll get caught in the storm or by another enemy. The challenge is hard enough as it is without enemies shooting at you.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the nearby sharks that will also try taking you out. If they hit the boat, you’ll be knocked off, so try to maneuver around them to avoid any unnecessary issues. If you keep trying, your boat will run out of fuel. If this happens, remember to grab another boat or grab some fuel from the nearby station. It’s also a good idea to head back to the start if you miss one of the checkpoints since the time frame you have to work with is slim as it is. You’ll have to drive back to the starting point to restart the challenge.

As with most weekly challenges, you’ll get 35,000 XP for this one and the satisfaction of knowing you beat one of the tougher weekly challenges.

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