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Fortnite week 9 challenge guide: Camp Cod location and where to stoke campfires | Season 3

Week 9 challenges are live for Fortnite, and one of them requires you to stoke campfires at a location called Camp Cod. It’s an easy enough challenge, but since Camp Cod isn’t listed on the map, you might be wondering where it’s located. The challenge itself requires you to stoke three campfires total, so in this guide, we’ll show you where they are and include some tips for making it as easy as possible.

Here’s how to stoke campfires at Camp Cod in Fortnite.

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Camp Cod’s location

The first thing you’ll need to do is to locate Camp Cod. It can be found on the southeastern-most island, south of Catty Corner. The nice thing about this area is that it’s not typically busy, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting the challenge finished. Though, we do still recommend bringing at least one buddy with you, just in case. Someone else might be trying to complete the same challenge, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

How to stoke campfires

Stoking a campfire requires you to light it by pressing Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. In order to stoke, you’ll need wood, and the fire campfire will actually tell you how much is needed. By default, some wood should already be placed in the campfire, so you should only need 30 additional pieces of wood to stoke it after it’s lit. There are plenty of trees around this area, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding wood. You’ll have to interact with the campfire twice — once to light it and again to stoke, so make sure you do both very quickly.

If you don’t, the fire will burn all the wood after you light it and you’ll need to find 300 plus an additional 30 pieces of wood to stoke the campfire. In short, just make sure you light the campfire and quickly stoke it afterward so it counts. After you stoke the fire, it should erupt slightly, which is an indication that it counted for you. There’s also a benefit to stoking campfires outside of completing a challenge — it will heal you, so make sure you keep that in mind if you need a quick boost in the middle of a firefight.

Campfire 1

The first campfire (they can be completed in any order) is found pretty much in the center of the island. You’ll find a chest by it, along with a yellow umbrella and some chairs. Lots of trees can be found nearby, so remember to chop them down if you need some wood.

Campfire 2

The second campfire is located on the eastern side of Camp Cod, just south of the large structure. You’ll find a couple of chairs nearby that look like they’ve seen better days. The bookshelf close to the building can be chopped for some wood, but you’re better off using the surrounding trees, instead.

Campfire 3

The final campfire is found on the easternmost side of Camp Cod on a dock by the water. Make sure you bring some wood with you since there isn’t much nearby. If this is your third and final campfire, you’ll get credit for completing the challenge, along with 35,000 XP. Not bad for less than two minutes of work!

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