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Fortnite season 4 week 12 challenge guide: How to catch 10 fish

Catching fish is probably something you know how to do in Fortnite, but season 4 week 12’s XP Xtravaganza challenges take fishing to the extreme. You’ll need to catch fish using a pro fishing rod, as well as with explosives — which you might not have ever done before. In this guide, we’ll walk you through completing all three stages of this week’s challenges so you can get through them as easily as possible.

Here’s how to catch fish with a pro fishing rod and with explosives in Fortnite.

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How to catch 10 fish with a pro fishing rod

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Keep in mind, as with all XP Xtravaganza challenges, you must back out to the main menu before starting the next stage. This means you can’t complete all stages in one game. To start, head to Craggy Cliffs or Sweaty Sands and find a fishing rod. Fishing rods are plentiful in these areas, so first catch 10 fish like you normally would. Remember to aim for the large groups of fish in the water to get a bite. If you don’t get all 10 in one game, it’s OK — your progress will carry over to the next match.

After you’ve caught 10 fish, boot up another match, and this time, try to find a pro fishing rod. They’re rare items that can be found around the world in barrels, but you’ll likely have an easier time getting your hands on one by upgrading your regular fishing rod. There’s an upgrade station at Craggy Cliffs, so after you’ve found a regular rod, gather materials to upgrade to the pro version. You’ll need 100 wood, metal, and bricks to upgrade to pro. From here, it’s the same process — catch 10 fish.

How to catch 10 fish with explosive weapons

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The process of catching 10 fish with explosives is a lot simpler than you might expect. You don’t need to spend time looking for a rocket launcher or a grenade to get the job done. Instead, you can use a speedboat’s rockets to destroy fish with ease. To start, we recommend landing west of the dock at Sweaty Sands. Here, you’ll find a boat atop a trailer, so jump in and then drive around while shooting at fish in the area.

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What’s great about this area is that it’s usually secluded, so you’ll typically have an easier time catching fish uninterrupted. If for some reason you do come across someone, you can easily take them out with the boat’s rockets. Finally, remember that your whole squad gains credit for this challenge, regardless of if you specifically catch fish or not. As long as someone in the squad does, the entire group will get credit. So if you work as a team, you can complete this challenge must faster than if you were attempting it solo. Once you’ve completed all three stages, you’ll be finished with this week’s fishing challenges and will be rewarded with lots of XP for doing so.

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