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Fortnite season 4 week 14 challenge guide: How to boogie before oblivion

One of the last Fortnite XP Xtravaganza challenges you’ll likely complete this week is the one that requires you to boogie before oblivion. As with many tricky Fortnite challenges, its description doesn’t tell you what you need to do, so you might be stuck trying to figure it out. Fortunately, we know exactly how to complete this week’s challenge, and in this guide, we’ll show you how. We’ll also include tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible for you.

Here’s how to boogie before oblivion in Fortnite.

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How to boogie before oblivion

The main thing you need to know is where you need to be in order to complete this challenge. You must be on the roof of the small building found to the southwest of Sweaty Sands in an area called Fancy View. It’s off the coast of the island on the west side, just to the northwest of Holly Hedges. Start up a match in any game mode, and head to the right location to finish this one quickly. We recommend landing here straight away, because otherwise, you’ll need to gather resources to build a ramp to get on the roof. See the image above for the exact location of the building.

Once you land on the roof, simply use any emote or dance to complete the challenge. It’s that easy! Once you’ve danced, you’ll earn 20,000 XP and will earn credit for completing this week’s XP Xtravaganza challenge. The video above shows the entire process from start to finish, and as you can see, it can be completed very quickly.

The other thing we need to mention is that this challenge isn’t available right away. There are a few challenges you need to complete beforehand. The prerequisite challenges are listed below:

  • Deliver a semi-truck from outside Upstate New York to Stark Industries
  • Generate power for Stark Industries by riding zip lines to and from Upstate New York
  • Harvest buses and RVs in native Fortnite locations
  • Release Slurp into the atmosphere

You have to complete them in order, and you must back out to the main menu after completing one to get the next one to unlock. The challenge that requires you to boogie before oblivion is the final stage of this particular set and is arguably the most confusing since its description doesn’t tell you what you need to do. You have until the end of this season to complete the set of challenges, so act fast since season 5 is quickly approaching on December 1, 2020.

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