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Fortnite season 4 week 7 challenge guide: Drive to Misty Meadows in 4 Minutes

For season 4 week 7, Fortnite is throwing another driving challenge at you, this time requiring you to drive from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows in less than four minutes without getting out of the vehicle. This challenge is almost exactly like the one from week 5, which required you to drive from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in less than four minutes. Four minutes might not sound like enough time, but if you follow the steps we provide in this guide, you’ll get to your destination with plenty of time to spare. Whether you’re running out of gas or having trouble coming up with the best route, this guide is sure to help.

Here’s how to drive from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows in less than four minutes in Fortnite.

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Preparing for the drive from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows

Despite the description clearly stating you must not get out of the vehicle, it seems like you can still get through the challenge even if you get out of your car. We aren’t sure if this is an error or if we experienced a glitch or if the description is wrong. Nonetheless, you might have a bit more leeway with this challenge than it seems. To start, land on the west side of Sweat Sands, right by the gas station. You’ll find a sports car here, and this is the vehicle you’ll need to complete the challenge. You might be able to use something else, but since your goal is to get to your destination quickly, go with the sports car.

Before you take off, stop at the gas station and fill up the vehicle. If you drive there without filling up, you won’t have enough gas, as the vehicle starts with around 37% of a full tank. Fill it up to 100% and then make your way to Misty Meadows. The game will actually notify you that you’ve started the challenge, which comes in handy. There’s even a built-in countdown timer so you’ll know how much time you have left.

The other thing you’ll want to consider is the path you should take to arrive at your destination in time. Familiarize yourself with the map so you don’t have to keep checking to see where you are in relation to Misty Meadows. It’s not the end of the world if you have to pull up your map a couple of times, but you’ll want to reduce the number of times you do this to save time.

How to drive to Misty Meadows in less than four minutes

The best course of action here is to follow the main road from Sweaty Sands to get to Misty Meadows. It may be tempting to cut corners and drive through the grass and over hills, but the vehicles in Fortnite control very poorly if you veer from the pavement. The path will take you through Holly Hedges and just south of Weeping Woods (you can also go through Slurpy Swamp, but this route will take longer) before reaching Misty Meadows. While driving, try your best to stick to the main road and avoid engaging with enemies you might come across. We suggest having a map pulled up on a second screen to reference while you’re driving if your setup allows for it. Veteran Fortnite players will probably be able to get there without needing to reference the map, but if you’re new, a second screen will do wonders for you.

Here’s a video of us completing the challenge, starting at Sweaty Sands and finishing at Misty Meadows.

You’ll notice that partway through the trip, an enemy threw a Boogie Bomb at us, causing your character to exit the vehicle. As you can see, we still got credit for completing the challenge without exiting the vehicle, so keep that in mind when you attempt it (though, we’d recommend to not get out of your vehicle anyway). Even with this mess-up, we still completed the challenge with time to spare. If you follow the path in the video above, you’ll get to your destination with around 45 seconds to spare (more if you don’t try to cut corners like we did). As soon as you and your vehicle get to Misty Meadows, you’ll earn credit for completing the challenge and will be rewarded with 25,000 XP.

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