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Fortnite season 6, week 11 challenges and how to complete them

The latest Fortnite challenges are live for season 6, week 11, and for the most part, the list is standard, with quests for visiting certain areas and getting eliminations under specific parameters. During season 6, the challenges have generally decreased in difficulty when compared to other seasons. For this week, you’ll likely make progress on the new challenges by playing naturally.

However, there are a handful that send you to unmarked locations on the map, so you might be unsure where to go to complete them. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you’ll need to know about the latest set of challenges, including the full list and guides for the tougher objectives. These are the latest Fortnite challenges and how to complete the harder ones.

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Fortnite season 6, week 11 challenge list

Of course, we always recommend taking a look at the new list of challenges before hopping into a game. That way, you’ll have an understanding of what you need to do. As you can see, there are a lot of straightforward objectives this week, such as using bandages and playing different game modes.

The full list of challenges is as follows:

  • Maintain full shields for one minute (0/1)
  • Use bandages (0/3)
  • Play different game modes (0/3)
  • Spend gold bars with Deadfire (0/1)
  • Eliminate an opponent at a distance greater than 25 meters (0/1)
  • Place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain (0/10)
  • Visit Ghost and Shadow ruins (0/3)

Others, like the quests for placing a crystal at the tallest mountain or visiting Ghost and Shadow ruins, aren’t as clear, so you’ll likely need some help getting through those. Below are guides for completing the trickier challenges for the week.

Fortnite season 6, week 11 challenge guide

Spend gold bars with Deadfire


We don’t have a dedicated guide for this one, but all you need to know is that you must visit the location on the map above (thanks, Simply buy anything from the Deadfire NPC using gold bars to complete this challenge.

Place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is once again another straightforward challenge that sends you to a specific location. Use the guide below for more concrete details on completing this one.

How to place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain

Visit Ghost and Shadow ruins

Image used with permission by copyright holder

For this challenge, you’ll need to visit three locations around the map. They are a bit spread out, so you likely won’t be able to finish this one in one match. Click the link below for more details.

How to visit Ghost and Shadow ruins

And those are the trickier challenges for this week! Thankfully, even the toughest one isn’t too hard as long as you know where to go. This should be a relatively fast challenge list to get through as part of Fortnite‘s season 6, week 11.

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