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Fortnite challenge guide: Dance with an alien parasite at Believer Beach, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park

It’s a new week, meaning the next batch of Fortnite challenges is live. One of the trickier challenges during season 7, week 11 is for dancing with an alien parasite at Believer Beach, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park. The reason this one could cause you some trouble is that its description is a little misleading. With the way it’s worded, it may seem like you need to find an alien parasite at one of the named locations for it to count, but that is not the case. It also might seem like you have to dance alongside them, but that isn’t the case either.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about completing the latest challenge. Here’s how to dance with an alien parasite at Believer Beach, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park in Fortnite.

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Where to find alien parasites

Map of alien artifacts in Fortnite.

As we covered in our challenge guide for marking alien parasites, you’ll need to find one of these creatures around the map. The map above (courtesy of has all the details for locating one. As you can see, Believer Beach and Pleasant Park don’t contain any alien parasites, so the easiest and quickest way to complete this challenge is to visit Lazy Lake so you don’t have to worry about traveling a long distance. You can very well acquire an alien parasite from any location and bring it to one of the areas required for the challenge, but that can take a long time and can be dangerous.

However you acquire a parasite, you need to first shoot the egg that contains it to get it to hatch. Once you do, the parasite will be free, allowing you to approach it so it grabs onto your head. You have to have the parasite on your head to complete this challenge, so make sure it latches on.

How to dance with alien parasites

Alien parasite on the head of player in Fortnite.

Once the parasite has locked onto your head, you need to head to either Believer Beach, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park. Since the parasite drains your health while it’s on your head, we highly suggest acquiring one from Lazy Lake so you don’t have to travel far. The ones at Lazy Lake are found on the southwestern side of this area. After you’ve arrived, simply use an emote — you don’t need to actually dance — and you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge. If you’re at Lazy Lake, you can jump into one of the nearby pools to get the parasite off.

As long as you use an emote while a parasite is on your head at any of the listed locations, you’ll earn credit, along with 30,000 XP.

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