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Fortnite challenge guide: Visit radar dish bases in a single match

The newest set of Fortnite challenges are live and ready to go for season 7, week 13. It’s possible you’ll get stuck on some of the new challenges since they’re slightly more in-depth than you might be used to. One of the last challenges you’ll go for this week is for visiting multiple radar dish bases in a single match. This one isn’t hard, but it does require you to have some knowledge of the base locations around the map, as well as a flying saucer.

It’s not practical to attempt this on foot since most of the dish bases are spread out, so you’ll definitely need a ride of some kind. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about finishing this challenge. Here’s how to visit radar dish bases in a single match in Fortnite.

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Acquire a flying saucer

Map of saucers in Fortnite.

Before starting your quest for visiting dish bases, you’ll need a flying saucer. These are found all around the map, but we typically advise collecting the one to the southeast of Corny Complex, under a bridge, since it’s closest to the center. Use the map above (courtesy of to see all the saucer locations. Normally, we’d advise stopping somewhere to collect gear first, but since you’re racing against the clock with this challenge, it’s best to try and be as fast as possible.

Once you’ve gotten into the saucer, you should be aware of your route in conjunction with the storm.

Where to find radar dish stations

Dish station locations in Fortnite.

At this point, you should have a good idea of where the storm is. We recommend visiting dish bases that are on the edges of the map first so you can get them out of the way before the storm comes. To complete this challenge, you have to visit five dish bases in a single match. If you landed by Corny Complex, a great route would be to fly to the base by Craggy Cliffs to the north, then back down to the southeast of Corny Complex, then east of Weeping Woods, then southwest of Sludgy Swamp, and finally, south of Misty Meadows. You don’t have to take this route, but it’s an ideal path that will likely help you avoid the storm.

Either way, all you have to do is fly over the satellite dish at each base. Just make sure the game gives you credit for each base visited. In other words, don’t leave the base until the progress bar fills up. Remember, these bases all have to be visited within the same match, so if you come up short and get eliminated, you’ll have to start from scratch on the next attempt.

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