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Fortnite challenge guide: Destroy equipment at satellite stations

Fortnite has a new set of challenges for season 7, week 2, and this particular batch is a little more complicated than you might be used to. We wouldn’t call the new challenges difficult, but some of them might require some extra knowledge before being able to complete them. One in particular is for destroying equipment across satellite stations. The game doesn’t specifically tell you where these stations are located or what qualifies as equipment, so you might be stuck.

In this guide, we’ll go through all of the possible satellite station locations, how to destroy equipment, and any other tips you’ll need to complete this challenge. Here’s how to destroy equipment at satellite stations in Fortnite.

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Satellite station locations


In total, there are seven satellite stations across the map — all of which spawn in fixed locations. Reference the map above (thanks, for the full layout of each location. As always, you’ll want to pick a satellite location that is out of the way so you don’t run into enemy players. Just take a look at the path of the Battle Bus at the start, and make your way to the satellite station that is most out of the way. You can easily identify these stations by the large satellites found on their rooftops.

How to destroy equipment


For this challenge, “equipment” is a broad term. To complete it, you need to destroy 15 pieces of equipment, and the easiest way to do so is to just break everything in sight. Things like monitors, desks, anything electronic, and control panels will count towards your goal. Essentially, when you land, grab a weapon to defend yourself from the NPCs in the area and then head inside to start destroying things.

Once there, swap to your axe and then break everything in sight. The in-game counter will give you credit for each piece of equipment you destroy, so pay attention to that as you break everything in your path. If you aren’t getting credit for some reason, check to make sure you’re at a satellite station. You can also do this over multiple matches, so if you only get some of the 15 that are needed, it’s not a big deal. Simply dive back into a match and finish up the rest.

The other important thing to note is that you must complete the prerequisites before being able to earn progress towards this challenge. This one is given by Abstrakt, and it’s stage 4 out of 5, so keep that in mind.

After you’ve broken down all 15 pieces of equipment, you’ll earn 30,000 XP towards your battle pass.

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