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Fortnite challenge guide: Collect cat food

We’re now in week 3 of Fortnite season 7, and of course, it comes with lots of challenges for you to complete. Though, you might have some trouble this week, as all of the challenges require you to visit specific, unmarked locations on the map. You’ll need to collect certain items and even talk to NPCs around the map this week, and doing so can be tricky. One challenge in particular is for collecting cat food.

It sounds easy enough, but the game doesn’t exactly specify where to go. No need to worry, as we’ve got all the details on completing this challenge. Here’s how to collect cat food in Fortnite.

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Where to find cat food

Fortnite cat food locations.

There are two main hubs that feature cat food in Fortnite: Dirty Docks and Retail Row. Each location features two cat food containers, with a total of four across both. To complete this challenge, you only need to find two, which eliminates the need to visit the other location. The map above shows the general location of each cat food container (thanks, The thing is, you might run into other players when attempting this challenge, which could make things difficult.

With that in mind, we always recommend attempting most challenges in Team Rumble so you can respawn if you get eliminated early. And it’s best to try this with a squad so they can protect you as you search for cat food. Since these areas are tied to a challenge, it’s possible they’ll be busy, so you should come prepared. Try to land away from the cat food so you can grab a weapon and other gear ahead of time.

Below are the specific locations of each cat food container.

Dirty Docks

Cat food container 1

Fortnite cat food locations.

First, we’ll cover the two cat food locations at Dirty Docks. You can grab these in any order. The first is on the west side of the area with the container in the center of Dirty Docks. Look for it next to the blue container.

Cat food container 2

Fortnite cat food locations.

Next, head east a little bit while still remaining in the container area to find the next one close to a stack of boxes.

Retail Row

Cat food container 1

Fortnite cat food locations.

Next up is Retail Row. The first one is inside the large supermarket on the east side of this area. Look for it against the back left wall.

Cat food container 2

Fortnite cat food locations.

The last one is outside of the previous building on the north side, just next to the large door.

Once you’ve collected two of the four cat food containers, you’ll be finished with the challenge.

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