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Fortnite challenge guide: Collect doomsday preppers guide

Fortnite season 7, week 4 is underway, with a brand-new list of challenges for you to complete (and lots of XP to earn in the process). This new set of challenges is similar to last week’s — wherein almost all of them require you to visit specific, unmarked locations around the map. While these challenges aren’t necessarily hard, they can be tricky to get through if you don’t know where to go. One challenge in particular requires you to collect a doomsday preppers guide, as indicated by a blue book.

Since the game doesn’t specify where these are located, you might be stuck. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about this challenge. Here’s where to collect a doomsday prepper guide in Fortnite.

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Doomsday preppers guide in Steamy Stacks

Map showing the location of the Fortnite doomsday preppers guide in Steamy Stacks.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Fortnite doomsday preppers guide in Steamy Stacks.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are two books around the map, but for the purposes of this challenge, you only need to find one of them. Since both spots aren’t normally very busy, you shouldn’t have much trouble running in and grabbing the book, but if you’re stuck, we recommend coming with a friend so they can watch your back. The map above (thanks, shows the location of the doomsday preppers guide in Steamy Stacks.

It’s in the building marked number 03, just across from the large circular smokestack on the east side. Head inside this building on the bottom floor, and you’ll find the blue doomsday preppers guide on the ground next to a set of stairs. It’s on the east side of this building.

Doomsday preppers guide at Hydro 16

Map showing the location of the Fortnite doomsday preppers guide at Hydro 16.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Fortnite doomsday preppers guide at Hydro 16.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Alternatively, you can collect a doomsday preppers guide at Hydro 16, which is the dam area to the east of Slurpy Swamp. Head inside the east side of the large building from the south, and you’ll see a set of stairs. To the left of the stairs is a small room containing the book. It’s on the left, behind a yellow chair and next to a cabinet.

Remember, you only need to find one of the two doomsday preppers guides to complete this challenge. We recommend visiting whichever spot is closest to you in relation to the Battle Bus, as neither will be very busy for you after you jump out. If you’re having trouble getting to one before being eliminated, we recommend attempting this in Team Rumble mode. That way, you can respawn if you’re taken out. We also advise attempting this in a squad-based mode so you’ve got some protection as you hunt for the books.

After you’ve found one, you’ll earn credit for finishing the challenge, along with 30,000 XP for your troubles.

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