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Fortnite season 8, week 10 challenge guide: Search the treasure map signpost

Use the treasure map and find the Battle Star in this week's Fortnite Challenge

The Fortnite week 10 challenges have arrived as we near the very end of season eight. This is the final week of normal challenges for this pirate-filled season, and Epic Games has made sure to give us some goodies. There are two big challenges this week, both of which are related to the pirate theme this season. This includes the challenge we covered earlier “Launch through flaming hoops with a Cannon“, and the one we’ll be covering in this guide, “Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction.”

Fortnite week 10 challenges

Fortnite flaming hoops fortnite week 10 challenges

If you haven’t had the chance to check out all of the new challenges this week, be sure to check out our screenshot above. Like always, there are seven challenges this week, four for Battle Royale battle pass owners and three for everyone. We’ve already covered the flaming hoops challenge, which is, thankfully, available to everyone this week. However, the other big pirate challenge this week is only for battle pass owners and it’s all about searching a treasure map.

Fortnite treasure map signpost challenge

fortnite treasure map signpost fortnite week 10 challenges

One of the big challenges this week is to search two treasure map signposts on the map. That’s right, this is a two-stage challenge similar to last week’s. Since it’s broken up into two parts, you can only see stage one at the start. Completing stage one will then unlock the ability to do stage two and completely finish the challenge.

The first stage simply asks you to search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction. So, what does that mean? Well, basically, there is a treasure map located at Junk Junction that you need to find. The treasure map there will lead you to a specific location on the island that you then need to head to in order to complete the whole challenge.

Normally, there would be two ways of going about this challenge — head to the map location, check it out, and then head to the treasure location, or skip the first step entirely and head straight to the treasure. Unfortunately, Epic Games requires you to visit the map in order to unlock the second part of this challenge, so you’ll have to do that part no matter what.

Now, we do have a couple of tips for completing this challenge. To start, we recommend that you do it in the Team Rumble mode for the usual reasons. It has fewer enemies to worry about, more teammates on your side, more time to do the challenge, and so on. Additionally, we recommend turning on the Party Assist mode. This allows your teammates’ progress to count for you. If they find the treasure first, it will complete the stage for you, too.

Treasure map signpost: Junk Junction location

fortnite treasure map signpost fortnite week 10 challenges

The first location that we need to head to is Junk Junction to find the treasure map signpost. This is where you should land first when you get into your first match for this challenge. Since we recommend completing this in Team Rumble, it is possible you’ll end up on the wrong side of the map. If that’s the case, you can just quit and restart a new match.

When you land in Junk Junction, head for the center of the northern section of the junkyard. Near the northern end, you will find a blueish purple shipping container with the treasure map signpost on the side facing to the south. Oddly enough, when you approach the treasure map, it will be blank.

This is because you need to actually “search” it, which just means activating the treasure map. Approach the blank treasure map until you’re close enough that the button prompt appears to interact with it. Simply press whichever button it requires, depending on your platform, and then the sign will activate. This will show you the treasure map that leads you to the treasure.

In an act of self-awareness, the treasure map will show you the classic Fork Knife location that is a joke on the meme. This is the spot that you will need to head to in order to find the treasure. It shows you a specific spot in the Fork Knife unnamed that you need to go to, but first you must leave or finish this match.

Where to find the hidden battle star in Fork Knife

fortnite treasure map signpost fortnite week 10 challenges

The reason that you need to leave the match or finish it, is because this is a two-stage challenge. Like with all multi-stage challenges, you have to complete your current match in order for the second stage to appear. When you are ready, hop into the next match and it’s time to head to Fork Knife.

The treasure map only shows that unnamed location so if you don’t know where the Fork Knife spot is, we don’t blame you. You are going to want to land near Fatal Fields. The Fork Knife location is just directly northwest of Fatal Fields. Head to the knife section of Fork Knife, which is on the right side, to find the treasure.

So, what is the treasure exactly? Well, it’s a hidden Battle Star. As with all hidden Battle Stars, you basically need to be right next to them in order for them to show up. So, you do need to be in the correct spot to get this star. Check out our screenshot for help finding the location, but it is where the blade of the knife would be.

It’s on the eastern side of the blade. There is a rock in this tiny little corner of the section. The hidden battle star is on top of it. Get close to it until it shows up and then interact with it to complete this challenge.

Fortnite treasure map signpost reward

Fortnite flaming hoops fortnite week 10 challenges

Your reward for this season eight, week 10 challenge is broken up into two parts. Finding and activating the treasure map in Junk Junction will give you two battle stars, whereas finding the hidden battle star will give you three stars for a total of five.

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