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Fortnite update 8.20 turns the floor into literal lava for a limited time

We all remember playing “The Floor is Lava” as kids, pretending that we’d meet our doom if we accidentally touched the carpet. Epic Games certainly seems to have played it, as Fortnite‘s update 8.20 includes a new mode where the floor is actual lava.

The new limited time mode “Floor is Lava” sees the map’s enormous volcano leaking, turning battle royale into a fight for high ground as you attempt to avoid other players as well as the lava below. The lava begins rising after the first few minutes, and you’ll automatically be given building materials on a continual basis so you can build your way above it. You are allowed to put structures on top of the lava, but touching it will hurt your health and send you flying into the air — sounds a little familiar.

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You’ll find new foraged items that should help with tricky encounters. A healing banana and pepper that heals and increases speed have both been added, as has a coconut that raises your health and shields. This might come in handy tackling some the new season 8, week 5 challenges.

To put a stop to enemies causing you grief during a match, you can try out the new Poison Dart Trap. The trap can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings, and can be triggered even if enemies are three grid cells away. It fires poison projectiles that apply a damage-over-time effect, and getting hit again while it’s active will reset the timer. In total, you’ll take 80 damage if you’re hit once, making you easy prey for any nearby players.

Smaller gameplay changes were also included in Fortnite update 8.20. The recently added “ping” system can now be used when you’re in “down but not out” mode, allowing you to help your team before you bite the dust. More importantly, the “Infinite Dab” limit has been increased from 13 hours to 14 hours in the lobby. God help us all.

If you’re a skilled Fortnite player, be sure to participate in the game’s new Arena mode in preparation for the beginning of the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens. Those who succeed in the Online Opens will have a shot at the Fortnite World Cup Finals and a share of the $40 million in prize money to be given out during the tournament.

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