Free-to-play sidescrolling Ron Paul video game coming this summer

ron paul video gameRon Paul is soon to be immortalized in video game form. The outspoken, federal reserve opposing, libertarian presidential hopeful has inspired a video game project on Kickstarter which may be coming out this summer.

The game is called The Road to REVOLution and is a sidescrolling platformer action/adventure game which may dredge up a little nostalgia remembering your old Nintendo games (or Genesis for you others). Think Ron Paul meets Super Mario Brothers, or Sonic the Hedgehog. The plot tracks Ron Paul as he travels through all 50 states of the United States collection gold and delegates.

Ultimately Ron Paul’s goal is to become president and defeat the Federal Reserve. Bosses open up as you collect gold coins and unlock branches of the Federal Reserve. In all, there are 13 boss fights and one final boss. There is also a teasing of some bonus unlockable characters.

The project is headed up by Daniel Williams and is built in HTML5. The game will be free-to-play in browser, and Williams hopes to have a beta version of the game ready by mid-June; hopefully finished and ready by July 2012.

“There is so much red tape that game developers face in the world of gaming today that destroys what may have been some of our favorite games,” Williams said on the Kickstarter page. “Indie Gaming, I hope, will thrive in the face of dull, spiritless, cloned, big-budget games.”

The video game project made its $5,000 goal within only 3 days. However, though the goal has already been, pledges will be accepted until May 1.(As of writing, the total is at 8,302). Williams says that every received dollar over the initial $5,000 goal will be going to the mobile version he will be working on for iOS and Android.