Functional wooden NES controller coffee table needs to be in our living room now

NES Coffee Table

Have we ever told you how much we liked Etsy? It’s because of that site that we bring you amazing finds from wonderfully talented craft makers, such as this beautiful wooden NES controller coffee table that is fully functional, should you still own the original Nintendo gaming system.

Made from maple, mahogany, and walnut wood, the entire table has the details down to a T. The only things that are missing are the logo, the letters under A and B buttons, and Start and Select. The minimalistic design actually looks great, and oddly combines classic hardwood style and a retro feel with modern chicness all in one furniture. The entire table is topped with a glass to product whatever you may be placing on the table from the electrical wires inside. To double the table as a giant-size controller, simply remove the glass, whip out the retractable cord hidden underneath the table, and plug it into your console. Just like arcade booths, you can bang away at the controller especially when your Super Mario character doesn’t make a jump across the clouds, or gets barrels thrown at by Donkey Kong. Lack of splinters might not be a guarantee.

Because the table is so large of a controller, it’s not just a conversation piece, it’s also great for collaborative play. Standing at 42-inches long by 18.25-inches wide by 18-inches tall, one person can easily take over the directional control while the other manages A and B functions. A table that encourages teamwork is most definitely A-okay by our standards. Will you convince our boss to buy one for our office?

Charles Lushear, the creater of the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table, ordinarily sells other types of woodwork. According to the Etsy listing, he is creating four versions of the table for different price budgets, such as functional and nonfunctional or composite materials versus premium hardwoods. But if you want to own this one-of-a-kind working NES controller table, you’ll have to fork over $3,500 for the unique opportunity. And no, that price tag unfortunately does not include shipping.

Lushear is located in Venice, California and does prefer local pickups for those out on the west coast. If you have original ideas of unique pieces you’d like to see made, you can also contact him to discuss making your imaginations come to life.

Nerdy furnitures always bring out the smile in the kid in us. In February, another Etsy artist also created a geektastic wooden furniture that resembles the Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-C. While this coffee table isn’t going to fly off into space, it is just slightly cheaper than the NES controller table. You know, for the reasonable price of $3,100. Once you buy these tables, you’ll never want to let them go.