These 'Destiny: Rise of Iron' guns will keep you entertained

Destiny‘s writing has been endlessly derided over its two-year lifespan, but that mockery ignores one crucial aspect: the game’s brilliant gun names. Destiny‘s upper-tier “exotic” weapons not withstanding, the game’s weaponry has — without fail — been exquisitely monikered. The new guns in this week’s release, Rise of Iron, are no exception.

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Many players who log in to Rise of Iron for the first time this week will want to check out these new guns, most of which are available through the game’s many vendors, before they do anything else. Thankfully, they won’t be disappointed. From “Disassembly Required” to the “B-29 Party Favor,” check the gallery above to see the hilarious new guns to be had in Desinty‘s recently-released expansion.

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