Analysts Predict That Game Sales Will Hit $70 Billion by 2015

game sales to hit 70 billion by 2015 consoles472

Sales for the video game industry have been bleak over the last few years, following a boom that ended when the economy took a dive in 2008, but analysts are suggesting a bright future.

Gamespot is reporting that DFC Intelligence foresees a 16 percent growth in worldwide sales for PCs, consoles, online and portable gaming markets over a six-year period.

DFC claims that the industry does face several hurdles over the next few years, and the industries is expected to continue to decline until 2013, when the bulk of the growth will begin. DFC believes that the most significant decline will be due to a slowdown in the console market, as the current generation of consoles continue to age before an upswing begins. Of course, as with any analysis, it should be taken with a grain of salt,but it is encouraging to hear of an optimistic outlook.