Gameloft’s WoW-alike MMORPG earns $1 million in less than a month


Gameloft has built a small(screen) empire for itself in bringing console game-like experiences to the mobile space. Whether you call the work the developer does “homage” or “rip-off,” the one word that always seems to apply no matter which side you fall on is: “successful.” It was therefore no surprise to hear earlier this year that the company was working on a mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game — …MMMORPG???? — that, as screenshots quickly revealed, was clearly inspired by the MMO sensation, World of Warcraft. Likewise, it should also come as no surprise to hear that the game, called Order & Chaos Online is doing quite well.

Less than a month after the game’s release, Gameloft reports earnings in excess of $1 million, Gamasutra reports. The initial purchase price for the game is $6.99, giving players three months to play for free. Subscription fees must be paid after that, with reduced rates offered to those who buy well in advance. You’ll pay $0.99 for a monthly renewal, or instead opt for bigger three-month and six-month packages, at $1.99 and $2.99, respectively.

As the first real MMO in the mobile space, Order & Chaos is very much an experiment. An apparently successful experiment. Given this game’s popularity and Gameloft’s recent Facebook release of the mobile title N.O.V.A., a browser-friendly version of Order & Chaos Online seems like a down the road inevitability. At least one other update will be coming first though, as a June add-on for the game will bring new quests, language-specific chat channels and a range of fixes and functionality upgrades.