Gamescom 2012: Sony announces Until Dawn, Puppeteer, and Rain for PlayStation 3

sony gamescom 2012

Sony trotted out the PlayStation Vita’s future tender vittles at Gamescom 2012 in Germany on Tuesday but it didn’t leave the handheld’s big brother hanging. The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and other big guns announced at E3 2012 didn’t get a new selection of AAA heavy-hitters at the event, but Sony did take the time to announce a selection of offbeat, strange titles that are classically PlayStation.

The first of these is Rain (pictured), a PlayStation Network title from the Sony Japan studio. An adventure with a twist, Rain casts you as a boy that turns in invisible after he sees a young girl disappear in the rain. Running through dark city streets, the only way to follow the boy’s movements is by spotting his footsteps in puddles or watching his outline in the rain. Unsavory memories of Chevy Chase’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man aside, Rain has much of the same quiet beauty and melancholy that permeates most of the Japan Studio’s output in recent years. If it’s half as good as Echochrome and Gravity Rush, then it will still be better than 90 percent of other games.

Going from sweet to sour, Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn was also announced. Executive creative director Will Byles describes it as a “Teen Horror” experience where you use the PlayStation Move to try to figure out who’s trying to murder you all in a spooky old forest. Think I Know What You Did Last Summer but with a glowing ball on a stick. Supermassive said that it’s working with Hollywood writers and US television actors for the game, but since IMDBPro is still in the dark about the cast and credits, so are we. Hollywood and US TV could mean very good things or very, very bad things. That’s a pretty big tent.

Finally, there’s Puppeteer, a platformer with a flavor quite distinct. With a tactile, fabricy look akin to Little Big Planet, you control Kutaro, a boy transformed into a puppet by the Moon Bear King. After the king eats his wooden head, Kutaro’s off to find it with the help of a pair of magic scissors he uses to slice up his puppet theater world. Right. That is… hmmm… Intriguing.

Say what you will about Sony, it is fearless about funding peculiar games. The PlayStation 2 saw some of its best games come out 7 years into its life, titles like Persona 3 and God of War 2, but they were sequels. Kudos to Sony for developing weird originals so late in the PS3’s life.