Gamescom 2013 Trailer Roundup

gamescom 2013 trailer roundup

Gamescom is upon us, which means one thing: lots and lots of exciting new trailers and game announcements. Normally we post all these badboys individually, but this time around we figured it’d be nice to give you quick access to all of them in one place. Below you’ll find a collection of each day’s trailers compiled on the page that corresponds to the day they were released (day 1 = page one, day 2 = page two, etc). This post will be updated throughout the show as new trailers surface, so be sure to check back periodically to see what’s new. Enjoy!


Tom Clancy’s The Division

Holy asymmetrical gameplay, Batman! We were pretty stoked about The Division back when we got our first look at it at E3, but this takes things to a whole new level. Apparently you’ll be able to log in and play with your friends in real time from multiple platforms (console, PC, or tablet), and depending on which one you’re using, your experience will be vastly different.

Watch Dogs ‘DedSec’ trailer

Ubisoft has been releasing all kinds of new footage for Watch Dogs lately, but thus far most of them have focused on the game’s overarching premise and futuristic setting – we’re still largely in the dark insofar as what the story will be like. This trailer introduces us to a mysterious hacker organization called DedSec, and suggests that Aiden isn’t aligned with them. Be sure to check back for more trailers in the next few days.

Battlefield 4 ‘Parcel Storm Multiplayer’ trailer

EA and Dice left us speechless once again with this new gameplay trailer for Battlefield 4. The last few videos they’ve released for the game have been gripping first-person gameplay sequences taken from the single-player campaign, but this one finally gives us a closer look at the game’s lush, lifelike multiplayer on a hectic island map called Parcel Storm. Keep scrolling to see the other Battlefield 4 footage EA unveiled at the show.

Titanfall Gameplay Demo

We got our first look at Titanfall back in June during E3, but up until now you just had to take our word on what the gameplay was like. With this fresh new gameplay trailer, you can finally see for yourself how frenzied, frenetic, and downright fun it looks. Developed by Microsoft and Respawn Entertinment, the game is like a glorious hybrid between Call of Duty and Hawken, but with it’s own style and breakneck pace.

Lords of the Fallen debut trailer

The first debut we’ve seen thus far during Gamescom comes to us from CI Studios, and it’s definitely got our attention. In this trailer for their upcoming game Lords of the Fallen, we’re introduced to badass protagonist Harkyn as he proclaims his opposition to the Fallen God. Not enthused by this act of defiance, the Fallen God sicks one of his minions on Harkyn, who handles it like a total boss. No word on a release date, but stay tuned for more footage in the next couple days.

Batman: Arkham Origins ‘Nowhere to Run’ trailer

This video shouldn’t be called “Nowhere to Run,” it should be called “How many people can Bruce Wayne punch in the face before the credits roll?” The footage is essentially just a montage of mayhem speckled with brief cameos from each of the game’s eight villains, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. Origins is set to hit stores on October 25th, so be sure to check back for more videos in the weeks to come.

Battlefield 4 official premium video

Want early access to all the new expansion packs, maps, weapons, and upgrades in Battlefield 4? Spring for a premium account and you’ll get just that. The game drops just a couple months from now at the end of October, and if you get yourself a premium subscription, you can get access to five expansion packs – from launch until the end of the season – for just $50 bucks. Check the video for more details.

Top image courtesy of Gamescom/Flickr

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