GDC 2012: Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC in June, two more to follow in 2012

Starting in June, Electronic Arts will finally start bringing out new DLC for Battlefield 3. First up is a map pack called Close Quarters; that will be followed in the months after by Armored Kill and, finally, End Game.

Fans have been waiting for word of EA’s BF3 DLC plans since the game launched last October. The Back to Karkand map pack, collecting a selection of new and improved maps from Battlefield 2, dropped not too long after the game’s 2011 launch, but it was first announced way back alongside the game. Today’s new is the first confirmation of additional DLC plans for the game. We all knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when.

First up in June is Close Quarters, a collection of infantry-only maps built around tight environments and in-your-face action. A newly revealed trailer at an EA-hosted GDC event last night shows off one of the pack’s new maps. It’s called Ziba Tower: the upper stories of a posh-looking office building, featuring a pool, multiple balconies and cubicle spaces. In addition to new maps, Close Quarters also adds an assortment of new weapons, assignments and dog tags. This is actually true for all of the packs, part of DICE’s effort to offer “more than just a map pack” as DLC.

Armored Kill will arrive at some unspecified point after Close Quarters. As you might have gathered, the focus here is on using large, armored machines to war to pound the crap out of the opposing team. The pack will apparently include DICE’s biggest-ever multiplayer map for a Battlefield game. Fans can also look forward to new vehicles, including tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery.

The final expansion pack for BF3, End Game, is coming this winter which could (but hopefully wont) push it into 2013. Zero details were revealed on it. The name certainly suggests that it’s the last of the packs that we’ll see, however.

In addition, EA will also bring the rent-a-server functionality that fans of the PC version of the game get to experience to consoles. The idea to give players a chance to set up their own servers for the purposes of creating custom matches, though no details were offered as to how this will take shape on the console side.

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