GDC 2013: ‘Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition’ coming to Steam, mobile platforms

Knights of Pen and Paper

Brazilian developer Behold Studios is bringing its neat iOS/Android game Knights of Pen & Paper to the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Steam in the near future, under the guidance of Europa Universalis and Magicka publisher Paradox Interactive. The enhanced version of the mobile game – retitled Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition – is also pegged for an iOS and Android re-release with all of the new content that the Steam versions will bring.

+1 Edition adds a number of new elements to the game. Taverns are now accessible in towns, allowing players to swap out characters in their party for new ones, with the old ones being stored in a sort of bank. Dungeons are also a fresh addition, giving players an opportunity to earn more loot and XP in combat-focused multi-room maps. In addition to the added bits of content, +1 Edition also features a revised combat system that adds elemental damage, enemy resistances, and variable damage (instead of the fixed totals of the original).

For those who aren’t familiar, Knights of Pen & Paper offers an unusual take on a video game RPG. A table occupied by pen and paper RPG gamers always sits in the foreground of the screen, with actual human players – ie YOU – creating both a group of die-rolling avatars for each one’s in-RPG avatar. It’s undeniably clever, but also addictive and charmingly retro, thanks to the 16-bit pixel art that colors in the world.

The currently available iOS/Android versions offer microtransactions in the form of bundles of gold, the in-game currency. We’re told that Behold and Paradox will “probably” be bringing this option to the Steam release, though it’s hardly a requirement for enjoying the game.

Other details are still being figured out as well, such as how the +1 Edition upgrade will be delivered to those who already own Knights of Pen & Paper on their mobile device. There may or may not be a cost attached to adding the new content to those older mobile versions, though Paradox claims a commitment to not letting existing players suffer. We’ll just have to wait until the details are finalized. The game is great though, and these new features seem very promising.