Gears of War 3 goes behind the scenes to discuss the end

gears of war 3 goes behind the scenes to discuss end gow  crescendoWhen Gears of War 3 hits this September, it will mark the end of an era. The franchise has become one of the most important and recognizable games of this generation of consoles, and after several years as one of the Xbox 360’s flagship exclusive titles, the trilogy comes to a conclusion. There may or may not still be further GoW games in the future, but the primary story of Marcus Fenix and his now shattered society will reach its finale.

In the video below, the developers at Epic Games talk a bit about the world that players will enter when they play GoW3. It is a society that has already collapsed, and the survivors are simply those that are too stubborn to die. There is no military, and the governments of the world have fallen. All that is left is a handful of former COGs that embark on one last, desperate mission.

Check out the video below, and look for Gears of War 3 as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 20.