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Genshin Impact: complete Impact Energy Amplifier event guide

Genshin Impact is never without a big event. Whether it’s to tide us over until the next big update or offer some insight into its ever-expanding lore, there’s always something to do.

The Energy Amplifier event doesn’t offer a ton of reason to dive into the story of the game, but it does bring with it plenty of challenges, such as true RPG team-building and the potential for a silly amount of free Primogems. Here’s how to complete the Energy Amplifier event in Genshin Impact, from how to get a free four-star character and loads of free pulls, to where to find all the Mutation Stones that can make the event much harder than it needs to be.

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What is Energy Amplifier? The Genshin Impact 1.5 event explained

Genshin Impact Fractured Fruit Core buffs
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier event looks more complicated than it really is. Taking cues from past events like Unreconciled Stars and Hypostatic Symphony, this one has you collect Fractured Fruit Fragments and Shards from mob camps buffed by nearby Mutation Stones. Each of these Fractured Fruit pieces then unlock equippable buffs you can use to challenge new domains for additional rewards.

As you stack difficulty multipliers onto the final event domain — Twisted Realm — to increase the points you gain across its four floors, better management of your available buffs becomes essential. Find the perfect loadout for your team and you’ll accumulate enough of the event currency to buy anything from Upgrade Materials to Primogems from the event shop. The event starts automatically with the Mr. Melancholy quest. Just head into Liyue and talk to the researcher to kick things off.

Is the Energy Amplifier event co-op/multiplayer?

With so many moving parts throughout this event, it’s hard to tell whether it’s built with co-op in mind. Some of it clearly is: you can have separate Fractured Fruit buff loadouts for single player and co-op runs, but the rest is a little unclear.

Turns out, though, virtually every part of the event can be completed with friends. The three domains split across Acts I-III can be completed in a group. You just have to have your buddies join your world beforehand. Then, when you head into the Character Select screen of each domain, you’ll be prompted to open it up to the others in your world.

As for the Mutation Stone camp clears listed below, though you’re free to clear these with whoever happens to be on your world, it’ll only clear in your world. They’ll have to go back and clear it on their own world to collect their own rewards.

How to get Diona for free

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Whichever side of the event fence you’re on, there’s something to gain from it: primarily a free Diona to add to your character roster. Unlike the Lantern Rite Festival event, which took a lot of time and effort to get the free Liyue character choice out of, this event can net you a free Diona in 20 or so minutes right at the start of the event. Here’s how to do it.

To get a free Diona during the Energy Amplifier event, you have to “invite” her through the Initiation event screen. Doing so costs 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data, which is the simple event currency you get for doing just about any of the event tasks listed below.

By the time you’ve completed the Act I stage (and the short Domain at the end) you’ll have more than enough of the stuff needed to invite Diona into your squad. Just open up the event screen again and hit the corresponding button where it says “Diona” to make the trade and get a free four-star character before the event ends.

Fractured Fruit Fragments: All Mutation Stone locations

Genshin Impact Mutation Stone
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As your first task during the Energy Amplifier event, you’ll be sent on a trip around Teyvat to recover Fractured Fruit Fragments from specific places of interest. These crystals — which you’ll rely on to help clear the dungeons later in the event — are all guarded by monsters buffed insurmountably by nearby rocks called Mutation Stones. Attempt to fight the camps without destroying the Mutation Stones, and even a regular hilichurl archer has the potential to one-shot your best character.

These places of interest make up three acts, with each act having nine enemy camps split between three locations to hit up and clear out. Open up the Event screen, tap into the Act you want to progress through, and then the specific place of interest. Finally, hit Navigate on the first entry and you’ll be directed to the other two in sequence as you collect the Fruit Fragment.

Though the camps are pinpointed on the map, the Mutation Stones that buff them are not. Below are all the Mutation Stone locations, so that you’re never forced to fight these ferocious monsters at their buffed-up best. Sneak up on the stones without alerting the nearby enemies and you’ll have a much quicker and easier time clearing the camps, collecting the Fragmented Fruits, and earning some free Primogems, event currency, and other goodies.

Act I: All Mutation Stone Locations

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act I locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder


High Ground

  1. On top of the canopy.

Beneath the Cliffs

  1. Right by the Fruit Fragment in the middle of the blockade.

Row of Camps

  1. In the left-most hut.
  2. In the main central hut.
  3. In the right-most hut.

Guyun Stone Forest

Ocean Surface

  1. Right in the middle of the arena.

Abandoned Ship

  1. On the ships stacked on the stone monument.

Within the Tower

  1. On the narrow sand path between the two islands.
  2. Behind the staircases, directly beneath the hut.

Lingju Pass


  1. Opposite the Ruin Guard and main crystal, under a little canopy.


  1. Along the broken path. Use the explosive barrel to destroy it instantly.


  1. Behind the two Abyss Mages.
  2. Atop the staircase by the Abyss Mages. Use the explosive barrel to destroy it instantly.

Vishap’s Rest: Act I Domain Best Characters

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This first run is nothing special. Despite the Electro/Cryo recommendation, neither are actually necessary. Just bring a Geo character if possible to make the last fight a little easier.

Hop across the waterway, beat up the slimes, snipe the two archers either side of the door and it’ll open up, revealing another pack of monsters for you to dispatch. This isn’t too dissimilar to a regular hilichurl camp. Just take them out, then use the wooden boards along the wall to climb up and into the area to the left. Activate the switch and ride the air currents to the final arena.

Here, Geovishaps Hatchlings will challenge you to a fight. Use shields (if available) to knock them over and burst them down. Finally, a standard Geovishap will come along with a smaller buddy. Not much changes here, but keep some stamina in reserve to dodge some of its heavier attacks. Clear the fight and you’ll win some free Primogems.

Act 2: All Mutation Stone Locations

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act II locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Cuijue Slope


  1. Beside the loot at the camp.


  1. Inside the big hut.


  1. On the tower.
  2. Inside the main hut.
  3. By the southwest cliff edge.

Dadaupa Gorge

Guerrilla Assault

  1. On top of the watchtower.


  1. Inside the main hut.

Direct Entry

  1. Under the steep central staircase.
  2. In the small hut beside the staircase.



  1. In the western boar pen.


  1. In the main hut.

On the Trail

  1. Under the staircase of the main hut.
  2. Inside the main hut.

Where Shadows Writhe: Act II Domain Best Characters

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This one can be quite difficult. It’s a time attack challenge with a bunch of different elements in play. To make matters worse, the arena in each of the three rooms will be surrounded by an electrical field that will strike your characters for heavy damage should they venture out too far. You can heal through it with Elemental Bursts from characters like Qiqi, Bennett, and Diona, but you’re better off finding a way to ensure the enemies stay within reach.

The first room is simple enough: Just a few slimes and Hilichurls. But it’s the second room, guarded by Fatui enemies like Sharpshooters and Agents, that can cause a problem if you don’t bring the elements needed to break their powerful shields.

Electro and Water is recommended for a reason. Characters like Fischl, Xingqui, and Lisa can work well on a budget, but Mona, Tartaglia, and Keqing are the five-star characters you’ll likely want to bring if you have them. Venti (or a weapon like The Viridescent Hunt) can help keep enemies pinned to the middle of the arena so that you don’t have to deal with the outer electrical field. Just make sure you bring a ranged character to deal with stragglers or a decent healer or shielder to ensure melee brawlers can fight on the outer edge of the arena without dying to the lightning.

Act III: All Mutation Stone Locations

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Act III locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder



  1. Beneath the bigger tent.

Snowy Forest

  1. Under the larger tent.

Hidden Trail

  1. In the large tent up the hill.
  2. On the watchtower.

Wuwang Hill

Tidal Flat

  1. Inside the hut.

Deserted Temple

  1. Through the crack in the corner of the staircase platform leading to the larger house.

The Old Gate

  1. In the middle of the ruins by the fruit fragment.
  2. On the archway entrance of the ruins.

Yaoguang Shoal


  1. On the northern support post of the platform.

Between the Columns

  1. Behind the eastern torch at the bottom of the staircase.

Sharp Shot

  1. On the watchtower in the main camp.
  2. On the watchtower by the campfire in the middle of the island.

Frost-Worn Space: Act III Domain Best Characters

Frostworn Space best characters Genshin Impact
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This final dungeon is a cinch. It really is. But you have to bring a Pyro user to activate the switches to open the doors to each chamber. Diluc and Bennett work well as a team here, but Hu Tao, Klee, and Yanfei can all work wonders. Just bring a healer or shielder for support and an Anemo user if you want to abuse Swirl for heavy damage.

The only real gimmick is at the very end of the run. Defeat the monsters in each chamber and you’ll finally go up against a Frostarm Lawachurl who, after losing around 30% HP, spawns a bunch of Hilichurls to aid and heal him. Beat them up as you normally would (or use Venti or a Viridescent weapon to group them up) and continue the fight against the main monster once these have fallen. With that, you’ll complete Act III.

Twisted Realm: Best Characters and How to Beat Each DomainGenshin Impact Energy Amplification Twisted Realm best characters

Once you’re done collecting all the buffs you think you might need, it’s time to head to the Twisted Realm – the true challenge of the Energy Amplification event. The four challenges here are similar to the domains unlocked as the event went on. Only this time, you can apply difficulty modifiers to multiply the points gained at the end, accumulating more event currency as you go. These can be tough, but by choosing the modifiers that have little to no effect on your chosen party composition and then offsetting any with Energy Amplifier buffs can help you reap the rewards without dramatically increasing the challenge – and gain around 240 Primogems just for trying.

Domain of Deceit

  • Recommended Elements: Geo
  • Best Characters: Zhongli, Albedo, Geo Traveler

The first challenge of the Twisted Realm pits you against six members of the Geovishap species across three waves; two hatchlings, one hatchling and an adult, then a final wave of two adult Geovishaps. These can be just as painful as they are in the overworld, but by bringing one or two Geo characters, you can have shields carry you through most of the challenge.

Keeping some stamina in reserve is good practice against Geovishaps regardless of context, but it’s even more important here — defeated enemies eventually explode for area damage, and fissures will regularly spawn beneath you, making evasion a real luxury.

Watch their attacks and time Geo shields to knock them down. Immobilizing them in any way really makes things easier, so if you don’t have access to Zhongli and his Petify ability, bringing along a Hydro and Cryo character for Freeze will go a long way in minimizing the dance you need to do to survive these rapid attackers.

Domain of Furious Thunder

  • Recommended Elements: Cryo, Hydro
  • Best Characters: Barbara, Mona, Qiqi

This one reintroduces the pesky Electro field that pins you to the middle of the arena. The first two waves shouldn’t pose too much of a problem so long as you keep enough energy to dodge the axes and arrows coming in from all directions, but the final will probably require a healer or shielder.

The ring shrinks so much in the final wave that dealing with the two ranged Pyroslinger Bracers can be tricky without heading into the thunder, so it’s important to be able to take the terrain hits without wiping your team at the finish line.

It’s entirely possible to complete this without any of the recommended characters or elements by setting up a team that can virtually ignore the terrain challenge, but as you ramp up the difficulty, the need for these will become more apparent.

Domain of Chaos

Domain of Chaos Genshin Impact
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • Recommended Elements: Hydro, Cryo
  • Best Characters: Any bow user, any Geo user

The Domain of Chaos throws five Ruin constructs at you in waves of two, one, two; Ruin Guards first, then a Ruin Hunter, and two Ruin Graders at the end. The apparent gimmick of this is the large Chaos Cluster orbs slowly approaching you periodically during the fight. They’re supposed to deal “immense” damage if they hit you, but by bringing a team that’s able to cycle between Elemental Bursts, you can use the invulnerability periods to negate virtually any major spikes of damage. Bring a character like Bennett to set up a healing field, and you should be all set to stay on the offensive, only occasionally dodging to either side to avoid some stomps and slaps. Geo shields can help and bow users can immobilize the trickier Ruin Hunter, but with enough foresight and awareness, nothing here should really pose much of a threat.

Domain of Heresy

  • Recommended Elements: Cryo
  • Best Characters: Venti (or Viridscent weapon), Diluc, Ganyu

This final domain contains a single Abyss Herald – Wicked Torrents and a bunch of monsters that, if left alone, will heal the Herald rapidly. These blighters will respawn periodically so long as the Herald doesn’t lose enough HP to knock him into his Dark Descent state, but the fewer monsters left, the less he’ll be healed.

With all this in mind, there are two approaches you can take: Using a character like Venti or a Viridescent weapon to gather all the monsters up and use a powerful Elemental Burst (like Diluc’s) to dispatch them in one go, or picking them off individually in the hopes of outpacing the reduced healing with your own heavy attacks.

Once it enters Dark Descent, Abyss Herald – Wicked Torrents fights like Childe or a Fatui Agent, only with heavy Hydro-based attacks. Cryo can easily abuse its shield, but a team of Electro and Pyro characters can also deal enough raw damage with their constant elemental reactions to deal with this beast even through its strong shell.

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